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Calm after the “storm”, or so I’d thought…

I thought that after the holiday weekend, when we had 21 dogs and 4 cats to care for, things would seem so easy. The thing is, almost none of our boarders were here “because of” Victoria Day weekend. We had customers coming and going all weekend days, but the net result is that it is quieter, in a sense.

I groomed a couple of dogs today, and Loki was a workout! He is a Karelian Bear Dog, and a fine example at that. Loki has a very thick, dense coat that is not all ready to shed out yet. Even so, after thorough shampooing, conditioner, rinse, and hi velocity dryer blow-out, I had removed a huge volume of undercoat: the shop looked like it was snowing dog fur! It was in my eyes, mouth and nose, and every surface, but I’m not complaining. The dog was not very pleased with the spa treatment, and he is a strong-willed guy, but he is what I call respectful of humans. Loki’s owner just phoned me several hours after picking up her beloved pet … she is so pleased and the dog acts so much cooler and happier.



The Loki fur was also in my morning coffee: I was so determined to finish that coffee, laced with ‘Salted Toffee’ Baileys, that I STRAINED it later for an afternoon treat! Waste not, want not!

Then I had an “easier” job … giving Zippy his tune-up. Zippy’s guy brings the dog regularly; I always try to accept the little fellow according to the owner’s schedule. It worked well for today. Zippy is a very even-tempered Llasa Apso type; always a joy.


I bathed and brushed out Cooper, as he is going home tonight. Sometimes I do these “exit baths” free of charge (and sometimes I don’t!); Cooper’s owners are leaving our community and he is a dog I will miss very much.

Cooper Learning


I thought I might have some time to do some gardening today, but by the time Zippy was picked up and three dogs unexpectedly arrived and needed accommodation, and the rest of the population had their evening meal served (the dogs, not US), I was exhausted. I don’t know why I get so tired so early in the day now.

About 5 pm., I silently declared “happy hour”, or wine o’clock.. Gary was busy mowing the lawn (He pushes himself, I don’t know how he keeps going!). Now I’ve had two glasses of wine and am feeling pretty mellow. I drank white wine while I made court bouillon for the salmon filet we’d been given as an awesome tip, and cooked basmati rice in chicken broth at the same time. Voila … dinner served at 6 pm. as usual.

Today I was rather pensive while I groomed dogs and worked around the yard. This Sunday, we  were invited to the sweetest, non-religious “send-off”, for our 83 year old neighbour. I thought, and was wishing, that she’d be around for another 10 years, such a vibrant character she was!

None of us know, not even if we have some signs. We were also saddened to realize that our 53 year old friend, stricken with brain cancer, had died.

Makes me think that I should get my affairs in order. I think this every year, and almost every month, but hey, now I’m 61. I should actually get the paperwork for my Will back to the Notary. I should make up the “doomsday box” that the same notary, a friend, suggested. But most days, I feel only 30-ish! How should a 61 year old feel? A lifetime passes in the blink of an eye, and everything else is such a mystery.

We have been getting pictures and video clips from Beth and Mike, thank goodness, of Juno, our grandchild. Gary and I were just talking about how we don’t have video in any form of our babies starting to crawl or walk, or really any milestone. How times have changed! When my daughters were little, video cameras were $700 or more, and it always surprised me who DID have them! I have many great memories, and quite a few old photos, but nothing like the documentation that people have today of … everything.

I don’t know how to share a video clip, but here’s a picture of darling Juno. Evidently, she and her mother had just had “a fight”: judging from the look, who do you think WON?


I feel quite conflicted that Juno is almost a year old, and I have only held/met/seen her twice. The conflict comes from a reluctance to leave our home and my business, and yet I feel like we are missing so much. We are so very grateful that Beth keeps sending the endearing pictures and video.

Here are some more pictures of pet guests from the weekend and onward:









Betty Westlund

Betty. aka “Aunt Betty”

Luke & Tubbers Kahli

Luke and Tubbers . You guess which one is which. 🙂



Woezel, a standard poodle



My iPhone alarm rings at 11 am. every day in the summer months. This is to signal the time to put Gary’s horse into a paddock, where he can’t overeat. Hence, he is “on a diet” every day, but what a joy it is to call Bud and have him come running! He likes attention and perhaps the handful of grass I reward him with.

Bud coming in

Bud coming in

Bud coming in

Okay, all, my beloveds, I have to quit and catch up to my games in Scrabble and Words With Friends.

Love you!

~ Ann





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