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Happy Thursday evening …

How lame can I entitle a post? Sorry about that.

It has been an eventful week … mostly good except that a neighbour died on Sunday. That is sad for a very large family; I was not too close to the grand matriarch who has “gone on ahead” of the rest of us (I made that up). But I am so terribly sad for my friend Mary, who was a trusted friend to Myra, who was once Mary’s mother-in-law. Myra was grandmother to Mary’s two daughters, and great gran to Mary’s grandsons… and grandmother and great grandmother to MANY others.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings, I took food “up the hill”; really, that is all I could think of to help. I didn’t offer to stay and clean, or weed in the gardens. Didn’t stay to drink with family members and friends, though I envy and admire the levity there.

There is a different neighbour, and also one of my renters, in the hospital. What can I do for them?

The rest of the week has been about tending dogs and cats, mostly. Sometimes I try to look after Gary, and he is looking after me. It is wonderful to have Shelly living in town.

Why is it that I can get to Thursday night and NOT remember the week preceding? Looking at my appointment book would be helpful, but I’m sitting here chatting with you, and the book is out in the kennel building, at least until “bed check and lights out” for the pets.

After making myself into a “ginger”, there was a film festival to attend. My hair colour ended up being of no consequence. I dressed up as well as I could manage, considering that I’ve become too bloody fat again for my best selection of clothes. I was also working until too late to apply makeup, though I managed a shower. I made sausage rolls and spanakopita for the concession. We went to the two movies with booze and snacks served in between, and considering that there were too many other events in our small town at the same time, the night was a modest success. Gary is the chief organizer for this film festival, so I felt like I attended in the company of a celebrity.

Sunday was rather restful and we enjoyed our usual brunch with our friends. I went back to my dreadful, onerous task of weeding in the flower beds, and Gary went to the grand opening of a resort in Valemount (home of a family who calls him for farrier work)

My mind is going numb, I’m sorry. I’ll check the photo downloads for pics to share with you and then call it a day.

Have a great Friday and lovely weekend!


Buddy went home freshly showered, with clipped and filed toenails.

Cooper, also shiny:


A flower bed, before:


A different section of same flower bed, after weeding. Whew.


Maggie before:


Maggie after weeding … I mean grooming:


Jake Gallagher2016 Pixel,Davey,Bailey2016

Above, left to right: Jake, Gallagher, and Jack Russell terriers Pixel, Davey, and Bailey.


Most precious being of all: Juno, who lives too far away.

Ann's Chicken Cordon Bleu

This was part of dinner … a “cheater” type of Chicken Cordon Bleu. Barely any more trouble than just throwing chicken breasts on a cookie sheet as they come from the package, these have a thin slice of ham inserted, plus some cheese (I didn’t have Swiss, so there is Boursin herb cheese within), and some Panako bread crumbs patted on top. Bake at 350˚ for 40 minutes while playing online Scrabble, and voila.











Brutus “before, & Smokey



Brutus after








Nellie, Roxie and Mollie are littermates, now belonging to different families.


Gary working, with appreciative audience.



Goodnight all!

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