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Don’t say a word …

The last time I was shopping in Prince George, I bought a shade of my familiar brand of hair dye that was “warmer” than the one I’m accustomed to. I announced to Gary that I had purchased a more “realistic” colour of Nice ‘n’ Easy, to which he replied, “Realistic? What’s THAT got to do with anything?”. Bless his heart. (I took it as a compliment, or support.)

It was supposed to be a warmer shade of blond. I had been buying Myrtle’s favourite shade of blond, and I was used to sporting this bright “bottle blond” look … sunbleached, almost white.

Gahhhh … I’m a redhead tonight. It’s not a warmer shade of blond … it’s medium strawberry. I wanted to cover my roots in time for Gary’s Film Festival tomorrow night, for which I would find some dressier clothing and try to look halfway polished.

Now, in addition to being overweight and homely, I have this implausible hair colour. I would rather hide out than go out in public. At least the dogs won’t care.

Lady had a spa hour this afternoon. She looks so humble and put-upon, but of course after the deep shampoo and the thorough brushing, she frolicked about, behaving as if I had done some great thing for her.

Only after I lifted this sweet pet into the waist-high bathtub and added water to her coat, I realized that the bath was fairly urgent. I thought, “Why is that water running yellow when the shampoo is purple?”. Then I saw AND smelled it… Lady had rolled in some horse manure and it had dried. The bath was just the ticket.


Now the dog is very fluffy, well brushed, and clean. At least I didn’t dye her red.

I told you about grooming a collie the other day. That was a very big job.


Today I only scheduled a large pomeranian, Niko. I forgot to get a new picture, so will add an old one. When I get Niko for grooming, he is usually a bit overdue, but not gross, and the dog is endlessly respectful and patient. So is Pluto, above.


We have the indoor kennels full again … three Jack Russell terriers from the same family, a poodle cross who is a farm dog, Shelly’s two cats, Shelly’s two little dogs, a lovely little Cairn terrier and his sidekick, a beautiful English Setter puppy, and Tucker, a Havanese. There are just three larger dogs in the outside-only runs. It will get busier for the week, and the long weekend coming up.

Hope you are all well. No, I’m not going to post a selfie which shows my red hair; you may use your imagination, or not.



One thought on “Don’t say a word …

  1. Embrace (even celebrate) your implausible hair colour, you’re beautiful no matter the colour of your hair!
    Love you, my dear friend ❤️

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