Life and Pets

Happy Thursday …

It’s 12:15 and I should be getting myself to bed. It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted for awhile, so here I am visiting in the Blog instead.

The Pet Hostel has been steadily busy, and when I’m not working with or playing with pets, I have been digging in a neglected flower bed.

Last weekend was wonderful … we not only had Shelly’s company, but Kim surprised us with a visit! None of the girls need a reason to visit, from our point of view, but of course last Sunday was Mother’s Day. Naturally, I heard from Susan as well. My heart is so full.

As Kim needed to travel back to Calgary on Sunday (taking Shelly with her for a few days), we celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday. I had been weeding in the hot sun and was happy to come in for mint juleps and to watch the Kentucky Derby. The race was so exciting, even though I hadn’t learned the horses this year. Then the four of us went for dinner at Tete Jaune Lodge, which was also fabulous. It was a day of a little work and then plenty of overindulgence.

Tomorrow I have more than enough grooming work lined up: only one large dog and one small dog, spread out over the day. The collie will be quite a big job, and though I know he has major matts, I’m determined not to shave him.


I can’t even begin to give you a blow by blow account of the days since I last talked to you! My appointment book is in the kennel building, and I can hardly remember what happened yesterday, let alone last week or … how long has it been? I forgot to check. The other complication is an old story: I can’t get the Photo program on the computer to cooperate very well.

I should start earlier. Am too tired to type or talk. I love you for checking up on me, and I’ll try to do a better job soon. Hope you’re all well.

Love, Ann

Here’s a pic of our beautiful grandbaby Juno. She’s crawling now. I tried to add video, but I’m not allowed unless I upgrade this Blog.




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