Life and Pets

“Start in any corner … “

That’s what my friends’ mom used to tell her daughters, when the subject of housework or downsizing came up. Adele brought this to my attention (sorry if I misquoted at ALL) in recent weeks.

I’m overwhelmed by my “to do” list. I don’t get finished even some of the urgent tasks from one month to the next, beyond the care of animals, which cannot be put aside. I keep hearing Eleanor’s voice delivering the advice, even though I did not hear her say it.

I worked in the flower gardens today, other than the care of animals and two yard sales and some other errands. I’m exhausted and hardly got a decent start. At some distance, the yard looks inviting, up close no one could miss the dense annual and perennial weeds and grasses. It’s daunting.

To simply get started in any corner is the only way to cope. If I stand back and view the yard as a whole, I want to cry. Or drink. Just talking to you about it helps, though I’m too sore and weary to go back out this evening.

For dinner, Gary has been served “adventure pizza”. I made that up. I had a frozen plain crust, and some frozen mozzarella, real bacon bits, and leftover creole chicken breast. I also had homemade frozen pesto and a fairly good harvest of asparagus from the garden.

I chopped the chicken, blanched the asparagus, and pretty much threw everything together onto the crust. Baked at 400˚ for 12 minutes.  Voila! dinner.

It has been a pretty full week of pets who needed special care such as medication or other treatment.

Chester just went home. He came with a nasty hematoma in one ear, with a drain installed by the vet and an Elizabethan cone to wear. He needed drops in the affected ear daily, and Metacam for arthritis every evening. Chester is such a happy boy, none of this was much trouble to me. The hurt ear stayed red and swollen, draining blood and serum, but the dog ate well and was always pleasant.

One day I put him in the tub and shampooed the whole Chester, but especially applied warm compresses to the ear. I didn’t get any water into it, but cleaned the ear flap, gently pressing out the liquid material out through the drain. Then I massaged cool Polysporin cream VERY gently over the whole site … around the drain opening and the rest of the ear. Sometimes it really feels like my calling … not to be a vet, but to provide animal nursing as long as it truly seems to help.

One of my boarders this week was an elderly cat. His owner said that he didn’t fare very well at all when left alone in the garage last time they went away. Then she said that he might have a seizure if he hears dogs bark. Say what? I asked if she was certain she wanted to leave the poor old cat with us, but she felt that he’d be better off here.

To my knowledge, the dear pet didn’t have any seizure, he didn’t hide, and he ate well. Marma survived!

Marma Shawara

I have the care of Jasper and Timber regularly. This is the scene as I sit on a blanket within their spacious outdoor kennel. Jasper is always a champ for toenail clipping, and Timber is getting better with every “pedicure”.

While I was coming back from emptying the dog poop buckets, it struck me how lovely Bud, the horse, looks in his spring coat.



When I was overcome with fatigue this afternoon, I cracked a beer and sat in a lounge chair on the deck. It’s a wonder I ever got back to work. This is the view, while the sun was on my face and I shut out some of the mental chatter. Notice I didn’t snap a picture of the weedy garden beds. Gary’s vegetable garden is looking great … I should show you that. Soon.


Two of my daughters had birthdays this week! Shelly’s is on the 27th and Kim’s on the 28th. As Shelly was traveling to Calgary on her birthday, and Kim lives in Calgary, I sent two tiny cakes with a few candles.


Gosh I miss all of my three daughters and Gary’s daughter too.

Folks, I was going to show you more pictures, and I was going to relate an anecdote about a tactless customer who hurt my feelings. But I feel like my neck can’t hold my head up … it must be time to catch up to my online Scrabble turns … lying down.

Love, as always,







One thought on ““Start in any corner … “

  1. What a treat to see a picture of YOU in this blog posting! That hardly ever happens. Your pizza sounds terrific. Creole chicken and asparagus with pesto – yum! And don’t your birthday girls looked pleased with their cakes?
    It is true that Mom’s advice about tackling any job makes things seem a little less daunting. She used to say it a lot after a large, celebratory dinner. We would stare into the kitchen with pots and pans and dishes EVERYWHERE. And then those words: “just start in any corner”. And off we would go tidying up.

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