Life and Pets

Monica’s red dogs …

I love Monica’s red dogs. She has me babysit them, and leaves another two dogs at home (with a farm sitter) so that she doesn’t worry about chaos and fights ensuing. Also, the dogs have an indoor-outdoor run and can be warm or cavorting outside at will.

My friend rescued Lucy when she was “unclaimed” by our town pound and then sent into the city of Prince George. When Monica realized that the dog had been taken to the SPCA in the city, she drove up there and paid the fees, bringing Lucy back to Monica’s farm.


I don’t know, or don’t remember, the circumstances under which Jackson came to live with Monica. He is a senior dog of mixed breed and is sweet and gentle with humans and his doggy family members.


Archer is a cocker spaniel cross who was boarding with me when we first met. The owners did not mistreat the little dog, but had been finding the care of their OLD dog and young Archer a bit too much. They asked if I could help find a home for the “pup”, and I had the owner put permission in writing.

I phoned Monica to ask if she knew anyone who might like a small house dog: my friend came over to take a look and was smitten. Archer has had a great life with Monica and Pete, and though he is only middle-aged for his type, he had to have his eyes removed due to glaucoma, and gets insulin injections twice daily.

Archer is very lucky to belong to people who have given his quality of life very careful consideration. He copes very well without sight and doesn’t even flinch when he gets his shots. Monica trusted me to take care of the injections and didn’t even question my ability.


I didn’t get excellent pictures of “the red dogs”. Sorry!

I groomed a dear favourite yesterday: Skye. This gentle dog is transformed with her spa day. Because her fur tends to matt, I have to clip her legs quite short and then make the rest of her coat “fit”. I worry the entire time that Skye’s people won’t like the transformation, but I truly enjoy the work and the time with the dog.



Then I had a new client; I hope they return to me. “Ricu” was brought in thoroughly matted (by the owner’s own admission and warning). The little guy was very calm, and though moments of the process must have been a bit uncomfortable, he didn’t try to bite. I’m always as gentle as possible, but combing out the tail, ears and face was a challenge.



He acted like a brand new dog after this groom was complete, frolicking about with his head and tail held high.

We have had some great visits with Shelly, now that she has moved back to the Valley for work. You might remember that she took a position as an R.N. at the McBride Hospital, and at least for now, will rent the little house I built last year.

Shelly’s pets include little dogs Seltzer and Maya, cats Rye and Max, and a large turtle named Pokey.

Pokey is set up in a kiddie pool on a platform on top of a 4′ bank of dog kennels. We assumed she was out of harm’s way. I remembered from before that the turtle seems to be able to climb part way from her warming rock up the side of the pool, so Shelly rigged a sort of canopy over the one edge.

Pokey, after a couple of days, pulled this canopy into her pond. I didn’t get around to putting a new one up, and then noticed that Pokey was up to her old “tricks”.


I only then “reinstalled” a blanket over the edge of the pond, and moved the rock a little further toward the middle, adjusting the turtle’s light so that she could still bask.

Imagine my chagrin when I went out to the kennel building at 5 pm. and found Pokey on the floor. She was actually walking very fast, which is remarkable for more than one reason. I had imagined that a fall from almost 5 feet would be fatal for a large turtle, and the other thing was that I would not have thought any turtle could move so fast. Pokey seemed uninjured, and we have made some more adjustments until Shelly has the proper tank set up at her house.

Juno’s maternal grandmother (Beth’s mom) sent me another couple of adorable photos:



This is an older pic that I can’t remember if I’ve posted.


Beth and Mike are doing such a wonderful job: Juno is very “well socialized”, alert and with much intellectual stimulation every day. I can hardly wait to get reacquainted with this darling soul.

Every day is different for me, and so fulfilling. I did a bit of garden cleanup this afternoon and felt overwhelmed by the tasks; I must try to simplify somehow.

I’ve worn myself out chatting again too, but I’ve shared some highlights.

Stay well.

Love, Ann



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