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Spending the day with the best of friends …

Most of my days are spent with beloved pets… our own and other people’s. One of my human friends who has been a regular customer says that OF COURSE I’m always so happy (because of this).

Today, I provided daycare and grooming for three of my favourites: little Yorkshire Terrier Fanny Mae, tiny chiweinie Daizy, and Binou, a Portugese Water Dog. They are all earnest and loving pets, always looking into my face to ascertain what is expected of them.

I clipped and shampooed Fanny first. When I went to put her collar back on (and I was working efficiently to this point), I couldn’t find it. I could remember exactly where I had set it, thinking it was likely to stay right there. I gave an accusing look to Smokey, “Did YOU knock it off the table?”.  I searched the floor, the counter right beside the grooming bench, and in Fanny’s cut off curls. I dug in my pockets and looked on the cupboard behind me.

I had tossed the wet towel 10 feet away to a spot near the washer. After putting Fanny safely into a kennel, I went over to look through the towel. Smokey had curled up to nap on a dog blanket near there, so I moved her and even looked in her fur! No wee collar. I was starting to worry: this is a custom made collar with the dog’s name and phone number embroidered into it, and not easy to replace. I was starting to compose my apology to Fanny’s owners.

Searched the floors again and even the cat litter box. I vacuumed under a counter and then looked IN the vacuum. I took the black garbage bag out of the bin and transferred the contents into a clear bag, cursing myself for not starting with a fresh bag. I found no collar, but I found an expensive comb from yesterday’s work!

With this bothering me still, I started work on Bijou, the biggest of the three. I managed to get Bijou mostly groomed and then went to town for lunch with a good friend. I have to say it … this was a nagging worry throughout my “break”: where in the world could that collar be?

I know this is a long story, but bear with me. I finished grooming Binou, and then Daizy, and then I got VERY serious about my search. I got right down on the floor to look. I cleaned out the vacuum cleaner. I searched the laundry in the dryer AND the washer, because by this time I was unclear as to where the collar could even POSSIBLY be. I peered at every hook or decoration on the wall, glanced in bins and buckets and boxes. I looked at the mechanism under the lift table.

Then I dumped the clear garbage bag into the bathtub. I put on a glove and looked through the mess of stinky matts (not from today’s work), yucky paper towels and other debris. Then, because I had emptied the BLACK garbage bag before clipping Binou, I went back to that bin.

Wait! What did I feel? At some point this magical item had got hooked on the rim of the bin, and now hung UNDER the garbage bag. Never did a dog collar seem so precious. All was right with the Pet Hostel world!


By this time, it was after 4. I fed Fanny, Daizy and Binou. Then Odie, Seltzer & Maya, Blitzen, Jackson, Lucy and Archer had their evening meal. I thought, “Hey, I’m still in good shape!”, so I treated Maya to her summer clip.


The terrific Trio went home. I got back to the house at about 20 minutes to 6.  Did I have dinner on the table by 6 as usual? Yes I did!  Thank goodness for yesterday’s home barbecued chicken, some thawed rice pilaf, and broccoli with butter: easy as anything. I felt like a rock star.


Archer, Jackson, Lucy

But now I’m pretty weary, barely managing to stay awake between turns at “Words With Friends”. So thanks for listening to my anecdote about the disappearing collar, and for even visiting my blog.

Hope you are well.

Love, Ann

P.S.  Juno:


One thought on “Spending the day with the best of friends …

  1. This is funny Ann. I’m sorry you fretted over mis-placing Fanny’s not -so expensive collar. Great story.😄 Hope it didn’t completely ruin your lunch worrying about it. Believe me it isn’t a Paris Hilton style dog collar😉 Hehe. It’s just a regular collar from 14.99 CDN at that. It might cost more now that the CDN dollar is where it is😁

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