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Really good Wednesday …

While waiting for the only dog I had scheduled for the day, I phoned my dear sister. I can’t say in my public Blog what is going on, but I will say that she is coping very well with some challenges in her life. Why I’m sharing this information, however obtuse, is that this set my mood for the rest of the day: positive.

I’m usually quite positive in my outlook. One of my long-time friends, who died recently, contradicted me when I referred to myself as an optimist. She said, “Annie! I’d hardly think you can refer to yourself as an optimist.”. I’m still pondering that one, and insist I have a cheery countenance; it was my late friend who actually was a hardcore pessimist.

When Snowy arrived for grooming, I was in a buoyant mood. Owner gets out of the car, and gently coaxes the reluctant dog out. Then owner’s friend gets out of the car (why I didn’t know…) and remarks, “Oh, look at poor Snowy, she’s TERRIFIED!”.

Snowy was showing a bit of submission with head hanging, and avoiding eye contact with the big bad dog groomer, who is, to many dogs, like a dentist would be to humans, not like a hairdresser (which terrifies very few of us!).

As this long-time canine client was not shaking or panting or fighting the leash in apparent panic, I crouched down and said, “Oh, Snowy, are you playin’ us?”. To this the friend averred, “She’s NOT playing, she’s clearly terrified!”.

I shouldn’t be so very sensitive, but I get tired of the bullshit sometimes. Pet owners can project their anxieties onto their pets quite easily; this I understand, but when friends and acquaintances chime in as if the dog is being left in a chamber of horrors, my patience vanishes. I actually responded, looking at the friend, “Now, how do you think that makes me feel?”, and Snowy’s loving owner softly said, “… like chopped liver.”.

The rest of the morning, communing with Snowy and Smokey and Lady, went swimmingly well. I forgot to get a picture of the finished Snowy! I worried about what the FRIEND would say next, but I think that I did a good grooming job. Snowy actually gave me kisses:


(Even though she was clearly terrified.)

I have an older pic of Snowy … she is a beautiful dog. We even have the same colour “coat”.

SnowyBustin2016 copy

She was comforted by Smokey at all stages of the spa morning.


I had the great pleasure of boarding these two while their owner was in hospital this week:

Lady McClintonLady McClintonDuke McClintonDuke McClinton

These are father, “Duke”, and infant daughter, “Lady”. Both calm, intelligent creatures!

That’s about all I have to say for today!

Hope you are doing well. I love you for visiting my Blog.

~ Ann



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