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Lacklustre Tuesday …

Nothing’s wrong, things are fine and good, but after taking care of boarding dogs and grooming one very small shih tzu, I could not get motivated to do much of anything!

I bathed Zoe yesterday. She’s a basset hound, therefore short, with a 3′ turning radius. Zoe’s normally quite content with us. I gave her an “exit bath”, that is … a bath and a nail trim before going home.


Yesterday, Maggie came to see me. She is a mixed breed, a border collie cross, who gets sheared short once per year.



Maggie was yesterday … sort of a big job. She is delightful to handle and doesn’t mind the clippers, blow dryer or bath. And after her spa treatment, she spotted the guinea pig.

Today I groomed tiny Molly:



Because I lacked ambition today, I don’t have anything else to report. I hardly did anything.

Love to all!

~ Ann


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