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Hey, it’s a living …

This is a busy place today. For starters I should say that things are A-OK and under control. It is even quiet at times.

For canine guests, we have Woezel, Storm, Jayda, Panda, Rocky & Spike, Pepper, Molly & Angel, Cleo, Sadie & Nellie, Hunter, Blitzen, Bella, Maggie, Stella, Ghost, and newcomers Scooter, Piper and Ozzie. I think I named them all. Twenty-one souls at the moment; Jasper and Timber went home last night.

That is Timber, a young Leonburger cross, looking as stoic as she knows how, and Jasper, a King German Shepherd who is about to lick my cheek (it’s a “selfie” with myselfie cropped OUT!)

I went out to the kennels this morning after sleeping in a little… it was about 7:30, but daughter Kim, bless her heart, was making the coffee. The first thing I did after entering the building was to start opening the “doggy doors”. As I let myself into the first dog run, my middle finger of my left hand got caught in the gate, and it felt like I had dislocated it. I have since recovered.

Then as I opened another gate, the large and enthusiastic doggy guest jumped against it and that gate smacked me in the forehead, with the weight of the dog behind it. I felt dizzy for a moment, but recovered quickly from that as well.

With everyone joyfully barking and jumping about, I felt tired right at the start! I made every one comfortable with access to outdoors, distributed some treats, and went in for coffee and breakfast.

After that, I was back out cleaning the dogs’ outdoor spaces and finishing with feeding. While I was in the big exercise yard with Woezel frolicking about, I noticed that the old husky “Storm” had dug a huge hole in her gravel run, right at the gate.

I put Storm back indoors, found a bag of ready-mix cement, and filled the hole with that and added water. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just impenetrable to a dog, and that was more efficient than finding huge rocks.

Woezel watched me do this bit of work, and rolled onto his back asking for a belly rub. When I reached down to do just that, he raked my face with his great paw. The big poodle wouldn’t intentionally hurt me. Kim tells me that the marks don’t show very much.

In the picture, he looks like a wee lap dog, but he is taller and heavier than most labradors.


We are also boarding a very young Newfoundland dog, who is now about 50 pounds. He behaves as most puppies do, chewing my shoes and jumping on me for petting and approval. He also runs back and forth through his own feces (because those kind of manners come later, it seems) then jumps on me, and keeps his beautiful dog bed soiled. It’s a bit of a housekeeping issue, and I try to keep any piles cleaned up promptly. Because he’s a puppy, though, he makes many, many piles per day.

So far this day was really kicking my ass! I got through the chores without further stress and trauma.

I decided that I needed a little break and came in the house to win *cough* … play … some games of Scrabble and Words With Friends. Max the parrot got picked up, and then it was quiet again. I thought I should go out to the recycling and transfer (garbage) station, y’know, for a change of scene.

It was all of about 15 minutes before my cell phone rang. The caller was a coordinator for “Victim Services” in our community, wondering if I could take in three dogs under some unusual circumstances. I said that I had room for them if I would be paid for boarding. Turns out that this was not going to be a problem. Then all I needed was to rush back to the house!

So here I am, chatting to you, enjoying my little break right here at home. The dogs are quiet, I’ve eaten up the chinese food from last night, and am going to check out the online word games again. I might fall asleep.

Hope you are doing okay. Thanks for reading my blog.

Love, Ann

Bruiser and Michu, whose owners were stressed and crying when they left, but upon returning, reported that they were not worried at all.



Summit Henley




Dogs for grooming: above – Chelsea, Ryla, Hanni and Missy, and Odie.

below – Briley (with Jack), Cinnabar, Zippy.


Cutest pets of all, my darlings:



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