Life and Pets

Not so happy Tuesday …

Dr. Vogel phoned and said that Jack died in the night. I had my mind made up that the cat would survive. I’ve had two cats live to 23 years old and others who were relatively long-lived, so as baffling as this is, I guess it was not to be for this one.

I’m drying my tears as we speak, and I will go fetch the cat carrier from the vet and pick up a prescription for dear McKenna. As I am not willing to pay for a necropsy on Jack, nor send away samples for analysis, and neither was suggested to me. I can only agonize and mull this over in my mind, for a time. I do feel guilty, as Dr. Vogel thinks the cat was sick for some days before I noticed.

He was a good and pleasant pet, that Jack. R.I.P.

I will try to do better, notice sooner, in your honour. I’m sorry.


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