Life and Pets

Weary again …

It’s only 8:30 and I’m about ready to go to bed. Am waiting for a customer to pick up a dog, and the other doggy guests must be given treats and “tucked” in somewhat later, so I need to hang in here for awhile.

I thought I’d come and talk to you!

It was a good thing that my friends finally decided to get their spaniel groomed, though I wish this could occur more often. I had my work cut out for me. Be grateful there is no “smell-o-vision” at your computer monitor.

It took hours to extricate this dog from her filthy matts. I was trying to save my clipper blades from the wear of the the grit in the dog’s coat, so I tried to shampoo her and planned to “wet shave”. That was a bust, because the water would not even penetrate to the skin, and I ended up with a horrendous, stinky mess.

BUT! This is just the kind of challenge that ends up feeling rewarding in the end. Despite the phone ringing four times about the same dogs being on the lam out in the country (I might have gone to help find them if I was having a quiet day), and some other calls, I got this work done on time.

Charlotte copy

A few times during her spa/makeover, I couldn’t tell if Charlotte was growling, moaning or snoring. In case she was not feeling as peaceful as she appeared, I put a few drops of dilute lavender oil on a washcloth and put it over her face. I believe this made the dog even calmer. I didn’t get bitten, though there were a few times she curled her lip slightly.

When Charlotte’s family came for her this afternoon, they brought the Granny’s old, old cat. Kitty was a placid little thing, and I clipped her claws quite easily while we all visited. I felt like an ol’ vet technician, though, as a couple of the nails were curved around and growing into the pads of the toes … I have a special tool handy for just such an occasion, and it felt gratifying to give the cat that relief. There was no infection evident and they didn’t bleed very much. Cat was unfazed.

Before Charlotte arrived, I groomed this little dog Odie. He is cute with any haircut or au natural, so I’m sharing his “before” picture.


Yesterday’s work was a piece of cake. This is Tango, a mature chocolate lab, who was lovely to groom and to have around. He is heavy, though, and I was happy for my electric lift table.


It was very busy here this weekend, but down to a dull roar again. We have Toby, Storm, Gizmo, Bruiser & Michu, Baxter, Scruffy, Lucy, Khuno & Bear, Squeaker and Kelef.

When the owners of Bruiser and Michu phoned early this afternoon, making a reservation on very short notice (not that I mind), they said that their hearts were shattered to have to be without the dogs for a couple of days. They were not so worried about the spaniel cross Michu, but “Bruiser” is the pitbull formerly known as “Junior” who was abandoned here last spring. I tired to assure them that the dog would feel he was visiting with Auntie Ann as opposed to being left and forsaken again. The dog fared so well with us before, but I have to admit, he is extraordinarily attached to his new family and was drooling and whining as they drove away. Both dogs seem fine now. I will take some more pictures tomorrow, as there is not as much grooming scheduled.

Gary has taken the opportunity to nip down to see his daughter and husband, and our granddaughter  Juno. I am very happy for them, and I will try to plan my visit for later in the spring.

Friends, I am fading. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love, Ann



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