Dogs and Life

Friday night in the Robson Valley …

… can be exciting, but not tonight. I don’t want it to be.

It has been a good day, but I’m tired. There are quite a few dogs staying for varying numbers of days. Some will stay all week because owners are on holidays during school Spring break. We have Panda, Zippy, Rosie, Foxy & Morag, Scruffy, Baxter, Woezel, Toby, Squeaker & Kelef, Pluto, Blitzen, Khuno & Bear.

Ajax went home today: he is a big, loving, obedient baby! It seems he’d rather cuddle than eat, as I sit on his enormous dog bed at times, and he will stay by my side almost indefinitely. This morning, the siren call of the stewed beef got him over to his raised dish: an ingenious setup that is a dog dish inside a plant pot in a plant stand.


Hunter came this morning for toenail clipping and stayed a few hours.


I didn’t schedule any grooming for today, but Hunter visited after damaging two of his claws. He wasn’t overdue for a pedicure, but he is an energetic dog and had caught his nails on something! While I was at it, I brushed Hunter all over and worked a few minor tangles out.

I shampooed Panda, a very young Landseer (black and white variety) Newfoundland dog. He was so trusting and placid!

Then I decided that poor old McKenna should have a bath also. Though she is a gentle soul, and ever treated with kindness, McKenna resents almost any kind of  handling except her head being petted and ears scratched. I picked her up and she yelped and struggled, she tried to take flight when the warm water ran over her thick coat. She leaped about and squeaked loudly for the blow dryer, brushing and toenail clipping. Poor McKenna. We thought she should be washed because she has some urinary incontinence and wets her bedding nightly.



So I released the old girl from my torture chamber and watched her frolic about as if I had done the finest thing for her! I changed the guinea pig cage and felt almost virtuous. Then I steeled my courage with a plan to shave the last of the matts from the cat Jack.


Jack’s mood changed in an instant. He had eighteen claws ready to defend his dignity. I even tried placing him in a mesh restraint bag designed for grooming angry cats… no, he could maneuver around to attack. I might need to sedate my own cat in order to finish the job, and furthermore, I’m never going to judge others for letting THEIR cats get matted.

Smokey gets matts and little “thick spots”, but purrs while I comb her. If I tug a little too hard, she simply reaches out and pats my hand with her paw… claws kept sheathed.


That’s it for me, folks! Must do the last “bed check” of the night.

Love to all,




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