Life and Pets

Here’s looking at you …

This has been an interesting week so far. I have managed to hex away a raging case of conjunctivitis, and now I can actually keep my peepers open to type to you and feel like doing so.

I think that I’ve had mild cases from time to time; the nature of my work and hobbies lend themselves to dust or pet hair in the eye. I don’t know what brought this episode on, but I’m inclined to blame it on a few hours of crying last week and the week before, with accompanying rubbing of the eyes. But I don’t really know … I shed some tears over a daughter’s unhappiness, and then when my sister’s husband fell off the edge of reason, that was cause for worry, stress and sorrow. I didn’t actually cry THAT much.

Mainly I wanted to explain away my puffy and bloodshot eyes so that nobody would actually call it “pink eye”, which has the same connotation and stigma (in my mind) as head lice: common in school aged children and contagious. Today a friend visited and, as we sat for coffee time, he asked Gary, so do YOU have “pink eye” too? Great… I was hoping to avoid the discussion altogether, as Gary and I use our own facecloths and towels, and I wasn’t planning to be too, um, kissy-face until I had hexed this affliction away. I felt rather “busted”, but Gary didn’t seem thrown and has shown only compassion for my plight.

Our friend reminded me to keep my hands away from my eyes, but that had been impossible all along. I used Polysporin eye drops and a cold wet washcloth over my eyes and forehead, and still last night I almost asked my husband to take me to the hospital. The itch and actual eyeball pain was driving me crazy, and I was starting to worry that I was not getting better. Today, however, I have felt steadily more comfortable and am not worried any more at all.

On Tuesday, the day of my birthday, I had two friends who wanted to see me for lunch. It was also the occasion of a Women as Entrepreneurs Fair, and International Women’s Day. I was suffering with the itchy, burning eyes at that time, and that put a little damper on my celebration. As it happened, there were so many folks at the venue, I didn’t feel that I’d had a birthday lunch just with two of my favourite people, so I will catch up another time.

And then, as it happened, I won the door prize! It was a large box that other women-in-business had generously filled with gift certificates, beauty products, household goods, home crafted items, and even jewellery. I hate having my pictures taken, but I have to believe I looked happy and relatively composed: perhaps people will think my eyes are so red from emotion.


On Wednesday, I groomed my renters’ three small dogs. They are all as good as gold, entirely respectful and not inclined to snap ever.



I also groomed tiny Lily, who reminds me so much of my dear departed Callie, not in looks, but in sweetness.


I groomed Baxter and Tigger too.



As a matter of fact, all five of the dogs were gentle and compliant, and the day didn’t seem so grueling. I was a bit embarrassed that I knew people were noticing my eyes, but I didn’t explain to all … I had work to do!

The Pet Hostel is busy at the moment and will be busier this weekend. It will stay fairly full throughout the week, as it is Spring Break for the schools.

Tonight, as I decided I wasn’t actually going to go blind, I got out the bottled hair colour and applied it. So I must go wash that out and will watch Netflix for awhile.

Thank you to all who made my birthday special! Even though I don’t think a “big deal” should be made of my birthdays, I have to admit to enjoying a little attention from my family and friends, including Facebook friends. I don’t always celebrate others the way that they should be celebrated, and I’m sorry.

Love, Ann







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