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That must be SOME truck …

Long story short: my sister’s husband didn’t make payments on a truck that he acquired last summer. A bailiff visited in order to repossess the vehicle, and my brother-in-law brought out his loaded gun!

At some point, “R” shot out the tires on the truck that was about to be seized. At another point, more police arrived, and my poor sister walked out, hands in the air, and was ushered into a cruiser. By this time, there were many officers attending, neighbours evacuated, and highway blocked. After several hours of negotiation, R surrendered his weapon and of course, is now in a world of hurt.

My daughter Kim traveled from Calgary to be with Rae, Rae’s daughter and son-in-law, and Rae’s son, and stayed for the court hearing. My brother in law is now undergoing mandatory psych evaluation in Edmonton; I guess the only alternative would have been to stay jailed to face 7 criminal counts.

I’ve spoken to Rae a number of times, and she seems quite composed, almost cheery. I imagine she is, in some part, relieved that her husband is getting some help.

All I can think is that, over a damn truck, the stakes have become very high.

Other than that, it has been a rather ordinary week. I’m worried about the happiness of another family member or two, but there isn’t anything else I can do for now, beyond worrying.

This evening has been pretty busy… Gary asked just now if I had even managed to finish my dinner. Truth is, I didn’t serve myself very much, as I knew a customer was about to arrive. My waistline will thank me, as long as I don’t snack later.

Duke went home. He has been so quiet and sweet; when he was a young dog he more vocal and a bit pugnacious. Still, I hate to see my animal friends getting old.


Patchy also went home, after a stay of several weeks. This is the little dog who is incontinent, so I won’t miss the constant clean-up, but as a pet, he is precious.


I groomed this big girl yesterday. She was quite matted and the owners simply wanted “Winter” shaved short. I’m up for that!

Winter Mickelson

Willis visited for just a couple of days. This little Jack Russell terrier is always “on” and always pleasant.


On Wednesday I groomed Zippy. He is a good boy for all the process, but Smokey cuddled him anyway.

Zippy S.Zippy S.

This morning I shampooed and brushed out this heavy pomeranian, Niko. He is patient and compliant.


Cooper went home tonight also. He is super happy here. 😉


Early this week, I bathed and brushed Ginger. She is a sweet senior labrador X, and unfortunately has a large tumour hanging from her chest.

Ginger with tumor

Ginger with tumor

That’s really icky, right? Owners say that there’s nothing that can be done about the tumor. The dog is so huggable, but I try not to touch that thing…

I’m glad it’s Friday night. I haven’t scheduled any dogs to groom this Saturday, but I have the care of Tilly, Squeaker & Kelef, Winter & Joey, Snoopi, Sandy and Tucker still. I won’t be bored. It’s time to clean the guinea pig’s cage as well. We will see what else comes up.



To those who read this blog who have shown support for the crisis at my sister’s farm … THANK YOU! To the many, the majority of you, who were not “in the know”, please don’t feel badly. It all happened so fast and then, at least for now, was resolved. There is much that goes through my mind about the situation, but very little I can say in my public blog.

Love to all, and hugs too.

~ Ann


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