Life and Pets

That’s a wrap …

Another week behind us, and it was a good one, if I remember correctly. After I shook off the light fog of mild depression, I think everything looked rosy again.

Today, of course, we had our usual Sunday breakfast in town with our friends. Gary left early to supervise/facilitate his horse getting a massage!

We didn’t get a photo of the horse getting a massage, but this is Bud, who was the happy recipient. Gary says that the animal seemed to enjoy the treatment very much, and the horse massage therapist felt that it really loosened some stiffness in Bud’s muscles and joints. Bud certainly looked very relaxed when I got home!


Gary reminds me that his riding horse is now about 21 years old. I don’t know where the time goes; Bud was only 4 when Gary bought him, and has become a fun and respectful addition to our family.

It’s rather quiet at the Pet Hostel for the moment. Guests are Tilly, Duke, Patchy, Sandy, Kelef & Squeaker, and the parrot, Max. Most of the visiting pets are on some form of medication for various chronic ailments or minor acute problems: they arrived with their own medical regimes to which I must adhere. I’m equal to the task.

Tilly Rykes

I was very happy to have three “sisters” visiting. They all have come from the same breeder: their parents are the same although they are from different litters. I groomed Bella and Rosie on Friday, and I felt quite worn out.
Heinz visited today, just for nails. He doesn’t like it, but has never tried to bite, and doesn’t put up too much fuss. In the photo he is avoiding eye contact, not staring at anything in particular. He likes looking at Max the parrot, but I make sure Heinz doesn’t get close enough to get his nose bitten.
These are two smallish pit bull crosses that I get along with very well. I offered to clip their nails while they are boarding … Finn made me really “work” for it! This is funny: I think that I have had the same thing to say on other blog posts when I posted their picture.
I have been glad to babysit “Max” the African Grey parrot. I love to hear him jabber and whistle and make his variety of sound affects. I’m trying to teach him, “Give me a kiss…”, with the appropriate smooching sounds. Max goes home from here barking like a dog, saying things like, “C’mere”, and “Sit! Gooood Boy…”, and “Get down!”.
Once again, I am having trouble uploading pictures and getting along with the “Photos” program for the Mac, which replaced my beloved “iPhotos”, which is no longer an option.  But at any rate, it is time to prepare supper.
Love you!
~ Ann




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