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Hump day …

I don’t know that I’ve ever used that expression for “Wednesday”, but it seemed fitting for the mood of my day. I’m “over a hump”.

Those closest to me might have recognized that I’ve been a bit low lately, though I try to hide it, always, in the interest of not bringing anyone down with me. Today seemed different: I woke up cheery and not worrying about my weight, I am almost ready to file my GST return (big dint in the tax battle in my opinion), the wood fire had not gone out despite me having gone to bed early, and I was looking forward to some meaningful work. You know … small things make such a difference.

In reality, nothing has changed but my attitude. I have had TONS of paying and meaningful work (and some appreciation from the public and friends), there is no big deal about whether or not the fire goes out, and I didn’t even manage to stay on a “diet” one day. The tax thing, well, I’m patting myself on the back a little for that.

The artist Raffi sang a song many years ago, before he was writing just for children. He sang, “Feel Like a Million, feel like a million, feel like a million, to have the friends I do.”. I heard him in person. Raffi said that he wrote that song when he felt like 2¢ . I have so many gifts and blessings in my life; I don’t know why I ever feel low.

I’ve been tidying up corners of the house that I haven’t even SEEN for months. Don’t even ask how that could be. I’m serious … don’t ask. Last night I came across the birthday card that my daughters presented me with for my 60th birthday, and I swear that my heart almost burst. I’m weepy just referring to it, and I know I cried when I got it.

To have the children I do, and the friends I have … and my Gary… makes me truly wealthy. The joy in sharing Gary’s daughter and husband, and granddaughter, is immeasurable. The bonuses are my career (meaningful work at least to me and to other pet lovers) and the home and property that friends helped me to obtain at a time that my parents were barely speaking to me.

So, I am carrying on with my Wednesday with wings on my feet. I need to go back and finish drying the two 100-pound dogs that I shampooed and partially dried this morning. I was told that I did not need to brush them thoroughly, and I’m not going to, but do Wally and Clemina EVER smell great! They will be easy for their loving owners to brush out now.

I had a most welcome visit this morning. I admit to feeling a bit agitated when I got the first big dog onto my grooming table, then saw a car coming up the driveway. My first reaction is to blame myself for not writing something down, and then I wonder if someone is arriving unannounced, expecting to take a lot of my time on a work day. As it turns out, this lovely couple just wanted to say hello briefly, and show off how happy and well adjusted their dog is. “Bruiser”, formerly named Junior, was adopted from the Pet Hostel last year after he had been abandoned.


I really “took a bath” on this particular boarding case: the RCMP had brought the dog to me, assuring us that the owner loved him and would very soon have him picked up by a relative. Long story short … the dog was never claimed by the owner, the $900+ fee was never paid, and the RCMP didn’t “make it right” as they said they would. It’s a good case for me to get a disclaimer signed by every new owner or by whoever acts in an owner’s interest: at least I wouldn’t legally have to wait as many weeks or months before I deemed the dog to be unclaimed.

It was because of just such an incident that we adopted our dog lady! Yesterday  I came across the record of her becoming ours, in January 2006. She was about 18 months old at this time. So now we have a healthy senior dog who is cherished by both Gary and I. The boarding fee for Lady comes to $59120.00, give or take, without GST but taking into account the changes in daily rate. She’s worth a million to us.


Here is Juno. She is worth much, much more than a million. She is priceless, and makes our hearts swell so much it hurts:


I’d better quit all this heart swelling and bursting and weeping and just take my gratitude out to the kennels and yard. Maybe I should vacuum before Gary gets home … nah.

Love you for reading my blog. HUGS.

~ Ann

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