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Down to a dull roar …

It’s great when the Pet Hostel hosts an almost “full house”, but it’s nice when things get a bit calmer again.

I started a draft when there were eighteen dogs here: I got as far as making a list of beloved guests, but then got busy with the serious business of taking care of all of them. The grooming shop has been rather “steady” as well … not compared to most shops, but busy enough to weary me.

Yesterday this was as far as I got … just the list:

Storm, Duke, Patchy, Joey, Sadie, Nellie, Cleo, Smudge, Annie, Rosie, Belle, Kifaa, Snickers, Hunter, Woezel, Blitzen, Kelef, Squeaker.


Nellie and Sadie went home today; they were groomed during their stay, and I just kept petting them every chance I got. They felt so nice and silky and seemed to appreciate it (both the spa treatment and the extra petting).


This morning I clipped and bathed Ladybug. Smokey kept the dog company part of the time. This heavy cocker spaniel was quite matted but apparently felt like a princess after her coat was “lightened”!


Snicker’s owner has been ill and we are not sure when he will go home, but I wanted to do something extra for his mistress, so he is clean and clipped.


This is “Squeak”, comforted by Smokey, of course. The tiny Shih Tzu is one of my oldest living clients, quite sturdy and alert in spite of his age.


This is the beautiful Onus, who acts like she’s being punished when she comes through the shop door, but seems to feel like a million after being groomed.

Storm is a new client, or at least she was when she came last week. She is born to Alaskan Iditarod racers, though she has always been a pet. Though sometimes anxious, she has been composed during most of her stay. I sit in her kennel quite often simply talking to her.


Ginger you’ve seen before. Always submissive and gentle, she is a perennial favourite of mine.


Missy won’t pick up quite as much mud now that she is short all over.


This is the new puppy of friends. I forget just which breeds “Spirit” has in her … isn’t she beautiful? She was so quiet and stoic, almost aloof.

I had a new infusion of bedspreads given to me by a friend who owns a hotel. I cut each one into no fewer than four dog blankets, and sew a seam down the cut edges so that doggy toenails don’t get caught in threads. Smokey is always such a help.


Here is my little Joey, a feisty poodle mix who puts much bigger dogs in their place … from the safe side of the fence, of course.

Shane’s “girls” go home tomorrow night. Belle (the blue one)  is heavily pregnant, and I’ll be relieved when she is in the care of her loving owner, though the heated floors (and floral bedding) wouldn’t be the worst place to give birth.

Bandit's eyes

This is one of the dogs I groomed this week. I am not going to say who it is, but I was able to clean up those eyes very well during his short stay here, and applied Polysporin several times. The wounds are simply the result of not keeping the “goop” cleaned away … some dogs are higher maintenance than others.

I got an interesting text this afternoon: it was one of a few irritations in my life this week! Again, I’m not naming and shaming, but this message struck me odd and humorous.



I smiled to ponder how “a policeman” would help. In my capacity as a boarding kennel owner, I have had some RCMP business in the past. There is often an element of uneasiness and stress, I have sometimes not been paid and/or have been left with an abandoned dog. Sometimes ALL of those things. Today, I didn’t hear any more from my acquaintance about the dog, nor from the police.

On Sunday I was very busy after our wonderful brunch in town. By mid-afternoon, I relished a tea break, and wasn’t expecting anyone for Pet Hostel business. As I sat down in the house, someone drove in, and even under my breath and in my mind I wasn’t polite, “Who the f*** is this?”

It was someone, a virtual stranger though we had met once before, saying that she had been sent by a dog’s owner to pick up the friend’s dog, as “the bill will be getting too high”. I said that I had a special deal in mind … a gift regarding that person’s boarding fee and also that I intended to groom the dog free in order to make life easier for the owner. I felt rather huffy. I’d had no phone call, no note from the owner, and nothing had been said by the family of this ill person . I guess you couldn’t say that I “refused” to give the dog to the friend, but I pitched my case for keeping the intact male here. I explained that the dog was happy, and we were set up to handle his propensity to “mark” in houses … and I don’t think that the friend was prepared to keep a dog who isn’t really mannerly that way. (The owner of the dog is still hospitalized.)

Today in my small town, I learned from two separate sources that this friend really didn’t have authority to claim the dog … boarding fee or not (she hadn’t offered anyway). If the same person comes back with a note from the owner, I will feel obliged to let the dog go. As Gary reminds me, it sets a dangerous precedent to allow a dog to be picked up by someone other than the owner or the person who dropped it off.

It’s getting late! I have gone on quite enough about the “irritations” of the past few days, without telling you about most of them! I will only reveal so much in a public blog.

But life is still grand. Talk to you soon!

Love,  Ann



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