Life and Pets

Thrown for a loop …

I figured that my dear blog readers might get tired of the “Mercy!” series, but I looked out the kennel door this morning and thought, “What?” as a vehicle pulled up and I wasn’t expecting anyone.

At least, I wasn’t expecting anyone in that vehicle or for grooming! Playing it cool, I said that it was fine, but that I had either forgotten or hadn’t “got the message”. After all, I was home, all the many boarders were fed & watered and reassured, and I had plenty of time for grooming. It all worked out perfectly, but I am left to wonder where I made a note of this appointment (a 3 hour block for two small Australian Shepherds). I didn’t remember the people, except that the man resembles the actor Sam Elliot, and I have seen him many times before. I had no recollection of meeting or grooming the dogs, but I didn’t belabor the point: I just dove in and got the job(s) done.


This photo makes me smile. Smokey is up on the grooming table and looking like she isn’t enjoying the wind from the blow dryer, but she would be able to leave at any time. The dog Kona is a bit stressed, but he was such a good boy for grooming.

This is Kona’s sidekick from the same family, Roper. He is a younger adult, but was also a sweetie:


So I told you that the barking stud dog went to stay with a friend of the guy whose dogs are here while he’s in hospital. I made this “fund” of food for the girls:


The female heelers are all very dear, and quite quiet also. Picture below are Annie and Rosie.

Annie & Rosie Adderley

This is an unrelated red heeler, Molly:

Molly Elliot

Molly was furtive at first, but now we are the best of friends.

Am still pretty busy with boarders. Little Patchy came back, now for three weeks; he is incontinent, but we are well set up for special cases like him.

Scruffy went home, and Odie arrived. So we have Woezel, Kifaa, Belle, Annie, Rosie, Molly, Patchy, Odie, Rory (aka Lootie), Inky, Duke, Snickers, Storm, Tank and Joey. Yes.. I think that’s all.

Love, Ann



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