Life and Pets

Mercy me #3

Today the man who owns the four heeler dogs phoned from hospital to see how they are doing. I told him honestly that his pets aren’t suffering, but that his stud dog was driving us insane with constant barking. He said that he would try to get a friend to pick up the dog … and then he did it! An hour later, the dog “Blue”, who is a sweet fella other than being overwhelmed by proximity to a female dog in heat and other intact males, was on his way to a temporary home elsewhere.

Instant relief at the Pet Hostel. As strange coincidence would have it, a friend phoned and asked if I could board a dog for her friend who is suffering a medical emergency, and wouldn’t you know it? Another adult unneutered boy dog! Even so, the kennels have been mostly quiet all afternoon: for a moment we were up to four intact males and then back to only three, but it is not common for us to have even one on site.

To celebrate, I came into the house and swigged some delicious Bailey’s Salted Caramel right from the bottle. Thank you, Shelly!

Groomed just one little doggie today. I thought I was getting two from the same household, having forgotten that one dear pet had died. Here is Snoopi, comforted by Smokey:


I admit, Snoopi does not look that comforted or comfortable.

This morning, I had a humbling experience through the Facebook groomer’s group that I belong to. I posted a picture with an anecdote unrelated to the quality of the trimming job on the dog. Beside the point entirely, TWO members of the group posted that they hoped that the grooming had been done by the OWNER! I had not asked for a critique, but I did receive some.

The darling Jack Russell, “Bailey” is going home this afternoon:


We still have a very full house … not much time for picture-taking. I put my head down on the grooming table this afternoon after playing my word game for a few minutes … and fell fast asleep! That’s it for nap time; I pretty soon have to do the rounds again.

If I had any other stories to share, I have forgotten.

Take care, everyone!



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