Life and Pets

Mercy! … part ll

Yesterday was pretty busy with boarders but just one large Llasa Apso dog to groom, Levi. He was such a good boy, always is:


I told Levi’s devoted owner that the dog didn’t want to lick my face, even when invited. I asked if he was not allowed. She replied that all I have to do is say to him, “Gimme lublubs…”. Hmm… maybe it’s not that important to get kisses.

Levi’s grooming session was almost complete when I thought I heard a change of tone in the uproar outside (because of the heeler dogs there has been more than usual noise almost constantly). I looked out the shop door just in time to see McKenna under the wheel of an approaching vehicle in our driveway! She was writhing until the truck was backed up, luckily not injuring her further.

I put Levi on the floor and raced outside. McKenna shrieked when I picked her up, but then she resents being lifted, and yelps, even on the best day.

Despite the horrible panic, tears and the rushed trip to the vet twenty miles away, only McKenna’s PAW was hurt, and even then, not very badly. Dr. Vogel felt that perhaps a metatarsal bone could be fractured, and we could wait to see if the dog put more weight on the paw in the next couple of days. I had been so afraid that, if McKenna’s leg, shoulder or back was injured badly, we would have to choose the merciful, logical thing and have her “put down”.

McKenna is 15 years old. She is Shelly’s dog who came to live with us a few years ago; I am fond of saying that McKenna “retired” here. She seemed morose while in Calgary, but joyful on the acreage.


I returned after McKenna’s vet visit in plenty of time to finish grooming Levi. Through the rest of the day, I cared for boarders, scooped poop, answered the phone, and so on. Even though the day had turned out so very well, I was exhausted by evening.

Shelly is visiting this weekend for a curling tournament, and as a happy coincidence, she was asked to attend a sort of job interview for an RN position in our Valley. You can imagine that we were utterly grateful that Shelly’s dog was not mortally wounded while Shelly was en route to our house!

I don’t have much else to report. We have a “full house” in the Pet Hostel this weekend. Not every outdoor kennel is occupied, but enough to keep the “special” blue heelers & red heelers on high alert. Each indoor kennel is full, too; there are eight, and I have used a couple of airline kennels for dogs who are due to go home. It’s hectic for me, but quiet for the moment at least.

We’re babysitting Woezel, Inky, Rory, Scruffy, Joey, Molly, Seltzer & Maya, Willis, Bailey and Patchy, plus cats Rye & Max. Also Blue & Belle, Annie & Rosie, Kifaa, Pluto and Storm.

Am grooming a couple of dogs tomorrow: they are sweet and small dogs, so I don’t mind. But when new people come to the kennel, bedlam ensues, so I have that to look forward to. It is stressful sometimes, but it’s my calling.

Thanks for reading my blog … I’m all talked out already.

Hope you are well. I love you.

~ Ann



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