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My magic wand …

This day was a very good one, but then, most of my days are excellent!

I didn’t take a “before” picture of this handsome dude. He came in a matted, stinky mess, though not the worst I’ve seen.  I performed what groomers call “wet shaving”, and it saved more of his pretty bisque-coloured fur than clipping dry. This also saves wear on the clipper blades.

Dog groomers sometimes refer to our “magic wands” … whatever it is that transforms an awful mess into a pleasant looking and fragrant pet. Sometimes it is more about an elusive request, such as, “I don’t have a magic wand, therefore I had to shave him very short to get rid of the matts.”

Odie Paine

Odie was a stellar client, standing or sitting or lying still at all times while I groomed him. He gave me a wary look and licked his lips with tension  while his toenails were trimmed (lopped shorter!), but made no move to bite or pull away. After being relieved of his heavy, matted coat, Odie leaped about with joy. I kid you not!

“Little Man” is Odie’s sidekick from the same household. This Pomeranian needed a bath and serious brushing, and he too was gentle for his spa treatment. Little Man didn’t seem to recognize Odie after the bigger pup’s appearance and smell had changed!

Little Man Paine & Smokey  LittleMan

Smokey seems to be saying, “I’ve got you, Friend.”.

Darling wee Gracie was here for a trim and bath too.

Odie Paine Gracie Carmichael

Yesterday I had a visit from Nancy and Ruth.  They were delivering Ruth’s Havanese dog, Tucker, for grooming, and Nancy’s little Rat Terrier, Smidge, just wanted a quick toenail trim. Well … she didn’t want it but we did the deed. It was good to catch up and laugh with my friends.

Tucker&Smokey  Smidge

Gary is skiing with Ruth’s husband Rob at Sun Peaks, near Kamloops. Ruth and I cope well on our own, but we miss the boys, too.

I groomed Angel yesterday as well. Smokey has been doing a fine job of consoling the customers and keeping me company.


I must say goodnight …. I don’t have any pithy bits of wisdom to leave you with. All is well here, and I sure hope it is with you. If all is not well, I send you courage and hope, to the best of my ability.

Love, Ann



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