Life and Pets

Mission Accomplished!

New House - table

Probably tomorrow, we will move Gary’s project, this farmhouse table, to the new house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Tonight I tried to list the home as an “Air BnB” vacation rental. I could not get the listing to show the correct price, so I simply deleted the listing. Waste of time this evening.

The contract with Northern Health Authority didn’t work out, and it had nothing to do with my terms. The powers that be … managers over my friend who was trying to pitch my case and get a lease agreement for the house over a longer term (reserved for hospital professionals only)… decided that this was not something they wanted to do.

I will still be able to rent the house to anyone I wish. I’ve had excellent luck already renting to family of friends, my own family, and to sledders. I’m still hoping I can get “in” with locum doctors and nurses. We’ll see.

I left it to late to chat with you, my dears. Take care.

Love, Ann

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