Life and Pets

Two mothers, two marriages …

I’m not all wrapped up in nostalgia today, but I wanted to show you something I made. I wanted to make a vintage-looking frame holding some old pictures of Mom, Dad, and Myrtle. I hope I handled the subject matter with respect: although our two “mothers” knew each other, there was no nefariousness or hanky-panky to the story. Dad married his colleague Myrtle almost a year after losing mom.


I’m not sure if I’m happy with this “thing”. I believe I will look for a more petite portrait of Myrtle for that frame: she seems to “dominate” the project. Oh wait … that is rather fitting.

While recovering from a persistent cold, I have not had too demanding a week at work. The Pet Hostel hasn’t been very busy, and only a few dogs have come for grooming. I never panic now as I used to years ago; I simply enjoy the “breaks” when they happen.

This is Binou, a Portuguese Water Dog who is an ex-show dog and now a beloved non-pretentious pet. He is clipped in the “retriever” style.


Last week, one of my grooming jobs was a shy wee dog who was a “rescue” many years ago. Although Dena seemed afraid at first, she didn’t snap or wet herself in fear, and I cajoled and reassured her the whole time. She is looking quite composed for her close-up.


Another craft project I worked on this week is a trinket box for Sarah, my sister’s daughter. About 7 years ago, when Myrtle was facing a move into a nursing home, she handed the box to me and asked me to finish it, then give it to Sarah. I promised that I would, and I had good intentions, but I put it in a safe place, only thinking of it rarely. Finally, I did as I promised, putting a varathane coat on the box and adding hinges, plus a little silver cloth on the inside. The box is actually an antique “humidor” and the tole painting was done by Myrtle. I put the gift in the mail today.

Myrtle - trinket box

I made a couple more of these jewellery organizers, and have run out of ancient knobs and drawer pulls and other quirky things for the projects, so I have bought other hooks and knobs. Am trying to make a few to sell now. Thank you to my Nancy W. for her inspiration.


I had some “help” while cutting the silver cloth for lining boxes and drawers that will house silver jewellery or cutlery. At first Jack looks offended at the pinking shears, then decides they are no threat.



Above, our darling McKenna.

Gary's farmhouse table


Of course I want to share the picture of Juno, the most precious baby in the entire world to us.

I often sit down to talk to you with intentions of being more profound, or at least less mundane. But here you have it … just a random sharing of projects and activities that make up my days. I used to have more power-of-my-convictions, but lately the state of the world (and Facebook) confuses and upsets me, so I’ll just stay in my insular personal space. I’m glad if you still read my blog.

Love, Ann

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