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I think (without rereading my own blog) that in a recent post, I said that I was on the mend from my cold. I spoke too soon, really, because I spent another few days feeling sorry for myself, coughing a lot through the night, suffering headache and brain fog, oh, and coughing through the day almost to the point of losing my lunch. Heaven forbid I lose my appetite or throw up: “Feed a cold!” they say!

Perhaps because I am so rarely ill, I’m full of self-pity when I’m not well. Upon recovery, because it has never been extremely serious or long-lasting, I feel like I have never been so healthy or fortunate! I am grateful every day for something, and today I feel like “myself”.

Before joining my friend for a simple but delicious lunch, I visited the little house and put up a “coat hook board” … that is what it is. Gary forged the hooks for this project. I distressed the board, and now there is a way to actually hang things behind the front door.


There is not really enough room for the same thing at the back door: both sides of the foyer at the back “contain” pocket doors, and you can imagine that one can’t insert a very long nail or screw through THOSE sections of wall. To compensate, I will put up some extra hooks in the utility room.

Gary has been working on a kitchen table for the little house. This will suffice as a dining room table for up to four people, I suppose, and also be used for letter-writing, homework, or alternate counter space (a catch-all). If renters wish to have banquets, they will have to do what I did for the open house … employ folding tables and/or chests of drawers. The table is perfect in my opinion, though my hubby has found the building of it quite a challenge and learning experience. It will be stained, sealed and delivered soon.


Last night as I was waiting to fall asleep, I had the oddest experience. It was not quite “out-of-body”, but something I don’t remember feeling before. No, I was not playing with myself.

It might have been the swig of cold medicine I had taken. As I lay there very comfortable in the bed, I was as sure as could be that I was twenty years old. I don’t even mean that metaphorically … I felt the same way I did as a very young woman. For a few minutes, I had absolutely no aches or pain. At these times, I was relatively slim and fit and strong: last night, and forty years in the past. I absolutely did not appreciate this decades ago, but last night I was convinced I was quite lovely and tanned, with good hair and teeth and passable intelligence.

Inwardly, I chuckle to think how a woman my age looks to someone who is twentyish. I remember: OLD! We look old at 40, 50, 60 to the youthful, barely adult ones. I remember hearing Betty Haan and Eileen Wall saying that they enjoyed being in their forties, that they would never want to be twenty again, and I, as a smug 24 year old, thought, “How could you NOT?”. Shame on me, so judgmental.

How fast a whole lifetime passes. I hope I have twenty years left, but shudder to think how quickly the last two decades have gone by. I told Kim (my youngest daughter) recently, that sometimes I miss the days that my three children were small; if only I could go back for a little while. Many days, I think I could have done better, and want a “reset” button, or rewind. But the girls have all turned out to be stellar human beings, so I evidently didn’t do too many things entirely wrong. My nostalgia; in my mind I revisit those years quite a lot.

So that’s the little anecdote of the day. The experience last night was neither uplifting nor devastating. It just “was”.


Hope you are well and have escaped scourges and colds. We know of several people who have lost loved ones this winter; our hearts go out to you.




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