Life and Pets

Hump Day …

Definitely have a “hump” or issue to deal with today. I’m almost never ill… oh sure, I have my “-algias ” to deal with: nostalgia, melancholia, joint pain… but rarely a pathogen. Knock on wood: “tock tock tock”. Today, however, I seem to be coming down with something like a cold.

I thought I’d stop and visit with you for a few minutes before accomplishing some great thing *cough*. Here, I can drink coffee, which eases my throat and chases down the echinacea tincture and the Oil of Wild Oregano that I have dosed myself with. I actually took a swig of an open bottle of robust red wine. It couldn’t hurt, right?

All the dogs, the shop cats, and the chickens are cared for. Two dogs went home and I received a gift of a friend’s homemade organic apricot wine, which looks amazing. Second bottle of homemade wine this Season! I am grateful.

Now that Christmas has passed, and not because we overspent, I feel an austerity program coming on. Early in December, I sent a random gift of cash to each of four daughters because it made my heart glad. Some of the Yuletide gifts we gave were homemade, and others simply modest. All we received were awesome and thoughtful.


Framed photos taken by and framed by Kim Cousineau. Subjects: garlic scape and allium head from our gardens.

For our part, Christmas and random cash gifts were not a problem as far as spending. Nothing is a problem, but before I REALLY get busy with paperwork and sort out how much that new little house cost, I plan to cut back. I will need to tally the ongoing monthly costs, too, so that I can negotiate with the hospital board on rent.

I want to declutter, too. It is so difficult to get rid of almost anything, even when I reason that I haven’t SEEN something, or obviously used something, for a year. Or ten. I don’t want to disrespect anything of Myrtle’s, or part with old gifts. I am hard on myself when I realize that I have often “jumped into” a craft and then lost interest just as suddenly. Worse than that, I envision myself to be some great artisan at “something”, buy materials and costly books, and then NEVER even start a project!

In keeping with the austerity program, I am going to try to sell materials and books on our local Facebook buy and sell page, eBay, Amazon or Etsy. If I donate to our wonderful thrift store or leave items at our “swap shed”, I won’t recoup any foolishly spent money, but I’ll benefit the equally important “downsizing” program.

I stole/shared/borrowed an idea from my darling Nancy. Made our daughters some jewellery/scarf organizers out of my knob and drawer pull collection. Beth and Susan do not have theirs yet. While I was in danger of running out of “all different” hangers for each piece, I bemoaned that I had EVER gotten rid of ANY such items! I do know that, in the past, I took a deep breath and got rid of some similar items that seemed too tacky or dated, or not my style, thinking that I would never renovate or build a house using those. This does not help the decluttering mindset at all. I exclaimed to Gary, “WHY do I EVER get rid of anything???”, to which he quietly replied, “Oh, well, you’d better start collecting again.”, probably while hoping I don’t.


I’m afraid that I’m fading slightly. I will share some pictures and the drink more coffee and proof read my post. Seems like a good day for taking things a bit easy. I might start my new Ann Rule book, given to me by Shelly, while eating my “Jewish Penicillin”: chicken soup, in this case, liberally laced with jalapeño sauce, given by Shelly.

Love you all.

Some Panorama shots that Kim took of the little house:

Shelly - New Vibe

Shelly’s got a new Vibe!

Last but certainly not least … picture of Juno at Christmastime:

Love, love, love …


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