Life and Pets

Christmas over again so soon …

We make less and less fanfare over Christmas as the years go on. The people around us, and in touch with us, make the whole Season special.

As usual, I have over-indulged for a couple of days. Last night at a Boxing Day party, I had just two glasses of wine and a few hearty hors d’oeuvres, and I was feeling full again. I had heartburn later, though I also went to bed hungry: I thought, “Very well, give your innards a break!”.

Sunday brunch was awesome … our friends plus family: Kim, Shelly & Adrien. So we were “7”, and seated in a more private area of the restaurant.

I don’t have anything to wax philosophical about today. I have the care of the dogs, and some relaxing to do. I will find homes for our new “goodies” from Christmas, or get a good start on eating and drinking the consumable treats given to us.

I feel tired. I haven’t really pushed myself too hard, but I feel a little rundown anyway.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Love, Ann





1387698138_dog cat.jpg


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