Life and Pets


As I claimed in my last post, I don’t make too big a deal about Christmas. Even so, the Season is starting to “get to me”, in a good way.

The anticipation of two of our grown daughters (and Adrien!) coming home is almost the entire meaning for the joy in my heart. We will truly miss seeing Susan and Laine, naturally, and we certainly would prefer to see more of Beth, Mike, and baby Juno always.

Yesterday was an exceptional day. I didn’t win the lottery. Actually, I DID win Lotto 649: I won a dollar.

After breakfast and chores, which were minimal, I went to town to pick up a door prize/draw that I had won at a local jewellery/silversmith’s shop. The prize was a very delicate chain with pendant, quite exquisite.

The morning got even better when I impulsively dropped in to see my friend Nancy and her new-for-her vintage character home. We had coffee and I LOVED all her choices in  decor, the fabulous (“Pinterest-ing”) things she has crafted herself, and improvements to structure and function.  Just visiting and catching up was SUCH a gift.

After lunch, I did a mini-groom on a small dog belonging to our hospital administrator. Keltie is a client and a friend, and she asked how my Open House went last week. She asked if I had rental plans firmly in place for the little house.

I was up-front about wanting to rent to “hospital professionals” whenever possible.  From there, the conversation took a potentially fruitful, and amazing turn.  Keltie said that the hospital (“they”, under the auspices of the Northern Health Authority) would be interested in negotiating a contract for rental of that house.  I didn’t know that could be a “THING”!

So, in the New Year, and perhaps after a short term rental in February which is already booked, I hope to put this plan into action. It could be the best idea for the house … the hospital Board has their own team to clean, and they take care of the actual renting, and I get paid whether the place is rented or not.

So that was it for my very very good day. The rest of the day was pleasant but more “ordinary”, but I felt like I had wings on my feet after a rather extraordinary day


Today I went into town to listen to the Mennonite Children’s Choir. This presentation was not well attended, and that made me sad. I felt a little like a fraud to be so moved by this deeply devoted Christian Christmas program, while I claim to be not religious. Still … not religious doesn’t mean “soul-less” (I just made that up). I shed a couple of tears … music does that to people; I tried not to let the children see. Occasionally I would meet the eyes of a child, and they would smile shyly, and I smiled back. I recognized only a few of them, but afterward, some came over to introduce themselves. Along with the two adults who sang and led, they have a very strong choir.

That set me up for another very good day. I started a craft project inspired by one of Nancy’s neat projects. I baked a little and got a start on trimmings for turkey dinner, which will be made tomorrow. I will be waiting with baited breath for those “kids” to come!

If I had anything profound to say, it has left my mind.

I’ll start now to tell you… Merry Christmas! Thank you for reading my blog. I will try to keep visiting with you during the “Holidays”.


Love, Ann



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