Life and Pets

Another fabulous Sunday …

I do like Sundays. I can play the “day of rest card” if I’m asked to groom, although I rarely say no to grooming because I can use the money.

Usually, Sunday is a day that I catch up (or try to catch up) on those odd little jobs, like putting away tools and crap that I’ve used during the week, whether they are associated with the pet business, or a passing fancy of a craft project. Sometimes I change the guinea pig’s cage. Usually I wash an accumulation of dog bowls, but I work at my own pace.

This weekend, just for one day/night, the little house was rented for the first time! It was actually a complimentary stay, offered to family of friends, but it made me feel good to let the young family have it. They left the nicest thank you note, and REALLY good candy.

They also left it as clean as they found it, and put the sheets into the wash and separated the towels so that I knew which ones had been used. These are niceties that I think I might write into a little book of “rules” that one of my close friends has suggested I compose.

To my surprise, it didn’t bother me for one second that others, for the first time, were using the home. May I say? I am so proud of it, and it’s cozy, and I won’t have to “give it away” very often for it to be appreciated and to make my heart glad.

As I was leaving today, after making up the beds again, I saw this visitor/trespassing being:


She was trotting through the backyard, and I was driving, so it’s not a very good photo. It is no surprise that I’d see a deer here … there are dozens in town every day, and I had noticed deer droppings very close to the house and shed. This is of no consequence until such time as Susan and I have done some landscaping!

One of the little jobs I accomplished today was trimming the toenails on Jasper and Timber:


Of course this is an older picture, taken before snowfall, but I am having some trouble finding photos I want in the new program. Jasper and Timber are high energy dogs, and often very vocal, but for pedicures, there are few pets more compliant.

Lady got her toenails clipped also, and Smokey came up to console even her “own dog”!


Poor lady looks so very put-upon, like she could launch herself from the table at any moment (if only that cat wasn’t in the way). I brushed Lady for as long as my patience held out … she is as good as gold, but most of her undercoat seems firmly attached (tell THAT to the person who vacuums the house!). Afterward, the dog frolicked about in glee, and rolled in the snow as if to break in the new look. That’s dry cleaning!

So that is my good day so far. It is only 4 pm… I came home from tidying the little house to a message that our friend Dale left: he had intended to buy us a “Christmas drink” at breakfast (a little shot of Baileys goes VERY well with Sunday brunch!) and forgot. The idea sounded good, and of course there’s no reason we can’t have a celebratory snort at another time. In fact, I decided to have a little whiskey on the rocks this afternoon.

There is a cheater’s version of Indian Butter Chicken in the crockpot, and basmati rice already cooked, so dinner is pretty much set up.

Hope you are having a good week and a pleasant Sunday.




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