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Wasn’t that a party?!

That’s a  line from a song, in case it’s not a familiar celebratory remark. Today was so fulfilling! My intention was to showcase, show off, and celebrate the work of the builders and tradespeople who worked on my little house in McBride. I wanted to congratulate them and introduce them; they do not need the advertising nor the commendations, but I still wanted to get them there to THANK them.

They were too busy and working too far out of town to attend. The housewarming Open House still made for a wonderful day.  I’m afraid I talked about the house and my design and all the little stories of the whole process … all day long.

I forgot to ask each friend who attended how THEIR days were going, or anything like that. Many people had very good thoughts and suggestions derived from common sense and/or experience, mostly as short-term rentals are concerned. I’m giddy with enthusiasm and hope it goes well as I share that home with others.

I forgot to take pictures too, except for this one before folks started to arrive:


More food was put out or brought in the door after this, and I think no one had to stay hungry. The pesto-cream cheese loaf that I created for the occasion was too big: not only did I have it for supper (with crackers), but I am about to find out if it freezes well. I have a couple of daughters who will surely be willing to help with the experiment (ingredients: cream cheese, boursin cheese, homemade pesto … that’s all)

It was a good thing I didn’t accomplish all the “dishes” I had intended to make. There was, of course, coffee, tea and a warm punch offered.

The kennels have been quite busy … old faithful customers and new ones. Every day is different, and that’s partly why I love the job so much.

I was asked to clip the butts on two wee shih tzu dogs who were staying just overnight. Time was tight but I got it done, and Smokey took the opportunity to comfort yet another doggy friend.


My friends, I’m pretty tired and can’t think of anything interesting to say. Tomorrow I’ll mostly stay at home, except that I have to deliver a couple of things to the new house before renters come for the weekend.

Take care, everyone.





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