Life and Pets

New house … ready to rent

This morning a small team of young women came in and cleaned the new house … mainly the interior windows and sills. They also vacuumed and mopped and generally gave the little place a good going-over.

What surprised me was that they said it was so much fun they didn’t want to be paid. The house must have some good vibes! Anyway, I wouldn’t hear of NOT paying, and explained that I wanted to be on such terms that I could call them again “between renters” if necessary.

This added a whole new level of excitement for me. I will have the Open House on Thursday, and then some people will occupy it for the weekend. That will be its “maiden voyage” as a rental/vacation home.

I talked a little to a receptionist at our small hospital, and she thought there might be someone wanting to rent the house for two weeks in January.

The photos are out of logical order, and not labeled, but I hope you enjoy them! I love that house so much that it might bother me a bit to rent it … but this is all part of the grand scheme.

This evening, I was out in my kennel building, painting. I painted a piece of furniture, and parts of three actual paintings. I believe my hobby of painting pictures, even abstract ones, is going to be VERY short. I’m not pleased with any of the current attempts and only moderately happy with the projects I hung at the little house. No matter, though, I have tried many hobbies or crafts and tired of them quickly; the trick is not to get all wild and order $40 books and expensive supplies. Haven’t mastered that trick, actually.

We have just a few doggies at the Pet Hostel tonight, and a couple more will arrive tomorrow. Hunter, Smudge and Kifaa are in outdoor runs with snug doghouses, and Axel and Joey are in the indoor/outdoor kennels.

We have a new picture of Juno … gosh, how she makes our hearts swell just by BEING.


If only we lived closer.

I often get wrapped in nostalgia for the days when my babies were small. If only I could go back. If only I could count their little fingers and toes again, and “dance them to sleep”, and caress their faces. If only.


’nuff said! Goodnight, everyone. XXX


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