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Um …

Nothing profound is on my mind tonight. Not a thing. Hardly anything mundane is on my mind either.

The Pet Hostel is open a bit later than usual for customers who are driving from Prince George after Christmas shopping. When they texted that they were not going to get here until 9:30 or so, I replied that I would “wait” for them, but to drive carefully. They have made good time, as they will not be much later than 9:30 indeed. I don’t have a picture of their very busy Jack Russell terrier … someday I’ll get that.

Heinz was here for nail clipping today … I love having him visit. He has become SUCH a good boy for nails; nevertheless, Smokey thought Heinz needed comforting, as she does so many of our doggy guests.


I was complaining to our friends at Sunday brunch today … I am resenting the change to the program “Photos” from “iPhoto”. I believe I bitched about that in a previous blog post.

This afternoon, photos downloaded from my iPhone in a manner which is unfamiliar, but satisfactory. I am still getting used to the way in which we are to “label” pictures, cannot find some of my Smart Folders from before, and I dislike the way in which photos are “ordered”. The old program always used to show the most recent photos first, and now I have to scroll through ten years of them to get to the ones I want to use (to email or to add to Facebook or Blog). Perhaps with time and perseverance, I will come to enjoy the program.

Almost all the boarders from the weekend have gone home, but several are arriving tomorrow. Makes my days so happy!

I have been trying to get ready for Christmas. I haven’t sent out some gifts for people who are not too far away, so there is still a bit of time, maybe a day or two. I don’t know why Christmas sneaks up on me every single year.

I’m planning an “Open House” on Thursday, just because so many people are curious about the little home I built in McBride. One of my closest friends, who received the very first Facebook invitation to this event, seemed surprised that I invited virtually the whole town (not ALL of my 700 Facebook Friends though). I say, “Why not?”. That is how I held my 30th Year In Business open house, and though it was a day of record heat, it was well attended. Now, this open house is a winter’s day, and who knows what the weather will be like, but I’ll just have faith. I will supply some snacks and tea and coffee and maybe juice; perhaps some attendees will bring finger foods, but it’s not solicited. People can see the workmanship of the contractors, and that is the main point. The fact that it could work as advertising (for short term renters) is not lost on me.








Shadow, “you woke me”


Roxie and Smokey


dear old Kipper, with Smokey





Yes, I sneaked in another beautiful photo of our granddaughter, Juno. We already know she’s a gentle and smart soul in a pretty little baby.

Thanks for visiting my blog.




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