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Leap of faith …

It’s a little leap of faith to invite much of the public to a “house warming” of the new little house. In Facebook, I first invited my husband and a handful of my very closest friends, and then went back down the list and “clicked on” dozens of others who live in and around McBride or would just send encouragement by telepathy. The “invited guests” are also welcome to invite others.

I wanted to celebrate the finishing of the house (is a home ever really finished?) without bragging that it is now “rentable” until or IF the day comes that Gary and I can think about living in town. I didn’t want to appear to brag about anything at all, but I am proud of the workmanship that went into the project and hope to be able to praise and honour the “A Team” members in person. The reality is that I don’t know if they will show up that day. I also know they don’t need the advertising, let alone public accolade.


I don’t remember if I’ve talk to you since I received my new iPad. Of course any shiny bright, uncluttered, unblemished item like that, in this day and age, is fun. Even so, it was an exercise in frustration to get the device up and running!

When I first plugged the iPad in, I got a message that it could not be used with the version of iTunes (command central for apps, music, and more) that we had. When I clicked on “check for iTunes updates”, I was told that ours WAS the latest version. I had a hunch about this, but phoned Apple Support to confirm … our Operating System for the main Mac computer was seriously outdated.

Nice for us … the newest OS for the Mac was free. I was nervous: it’s not that I don’t like change, but I don’t like computer software and hardware change. It takes me years to learn 10% of the capability of a computer, and I like familiar “windows” and behaviour. I resent losing information, files and photos,  and error messages almost give me cataplexy.

Gary had already broached the subject of upgrading our OS several times, and I had steadfastly refused because some of the upgrades had poor reviews in the consumer world.

But there seemed no way around this! Was I going to send back the shiny new iPad, even though I had not, as I had feared, burned my old one in the wood stove? I clicked on the Download for the newest OS for our old Mac, and at first we thought it wasn’t working: in the little picture of “progress”, there was no indication that anything was downloading … until about 12 hours later! Within another day, the OS was downloaded, and then I installed it. Then the newest iTunes and the new iPad worked well.

Most things have stayed about the same. Some of Gary’s System-based email program disappeared, but then we “tricked” the program into finding the files again by making what they call “Smart Folders” with key words in the titles.

And there is the program “Photos”, which replaced the older and familiar “iPhotos”. It looks different, handles differently, and I am very frustrated. I had many Smart Folders in iPhoto, and they are nowhere to be found in “Photos”. I have tried to rebuild those Folders with very quirky and unsatisfactory results. There are 11,000 pictures on our computer, and now I don’t know how to get or keep them sorted. Some night when the house is silent, I will try to learn more, and perhaps calm myself.

We just got a message from our Internet provider that we have exceeded our bandwidth for the second month in a row! Uh oh! Gary understood immediately … this is because we have both been watching NetFlix movies and series.

I need to get off the computer (and probably back to binge-watching NetFlix!) but will try to talk to you again sooner, rather than later.

Love, Ann


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