Life and Pets

Nighty night …

Goodness, it’s 12:30 am, so I’ll just say “hi” and “goodnight” really fast.

Found my iPad! It was in a bag with a down comforter, over at the new little house. Even though I had picked up that clear plastic bag, I did not see or feel the small item within. Hurray!

Have had a number of very pleasant days since I spoke to you last … one was Sunday, which means brunch in town, of course, which was great, and then we had friends over for Grey Cup (football).

This week I’ve had just enough grooming and boarding to keep me from worrying about bills. There has been only a little time to spend at the new house, but it is really ready to rent now: working toilet, shower, appointed kitchen with appliances, beds, bedding, towels. I have three bookings for weekends during the winter already, so I can’t go looking for longer term renters, but this is exciting.

Caylen and Clarence were at the house this afternoon and installed two grab bars in the shower stall … a job which petrified me. No mishaps for them, according to Gary, who was attending as well.

Today I groomed two little dogs and two bigger dogs.




Joey with Smokey


Ginger with Smokey





Here’s a picture of Jack, who I’ve loved for a year. He’s been “keeper of the Keurig” since I put a small pad on the countertop. He watches Smokey comforting the dogs on my nearby grooming table with some disdain.


On December 1st, I phoned my “oldest” friend… I mean my childhood friend with whom I’ve been in touch the longest. She turned 60 that day, and we had such a great chinwag, though she lives in Ontario and we rarely see each other. The two of us have our own mutual admiration society: I think she does everything so well and has been such a success in every way, and she says that she feels that way about me. Deb said that she could listen to me all day, and I feel that way about her, except that I hardly gave her a word in edgewise. I will try to restrain myself when we speak again …


Debra, Layla & Louis * photo used shamelessly without permission

(Deb, you can let me know if I must take your picture off my blog. I just hope you don’t!)

Here’s another picture of Juno, and then I must get to bed.


Love, Ann

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