Life and Pets

A very nice day …

Sorry for the lame-o title … it’s after 11 pm. and I’m feeling a little tired and uninspired.

Both Gary and I have looked in the ashes of the firebox of our wood heater and can not see anything that looks like any part of an iPad Mini. I’m still convinced that I burned it up, but think there might well be nothing left of it as they are made so light and thin. We will be keeping that fire going every day of the winter (at least while it’s very cold outside) so there’s not likely to be evidence ever found.

Groomed this little gal this morning … she is 8 years old but has always been groomed by her owner, who had been doing a good job. Lately Cotton’s owner has been working full time, so needed my help.


It won’t surprise you to see Smokey keeping the wee poodle cross company!

Had a lunch date with a good friend at a new lunch spot. Sandwich and soup were delicious, and we were surrounded by giftware and antiques. This is an ideal situation in which to take note of all that is available, and/or get inspired.

After lunch, I picked up a bulk order of nuts, dried fruit, and Christmas holiday treats. Also picked up a special Christmas card for our baby grandaughter, and came home to make supper.

I spent the evening at the little house, trying to accomplish finishing details. I am not very skilled, and mostly I just puttered. I eventually got up the courage to put holes in the shower stall tiles, or actually, just into grout lines, and got the shampoo shelf hung. It was not done with finesse but it got done. I’m still gripped by insecurity as far as installing the grab bars; I think tomorrow I will text Ray and ask if he and/or Caylen can do that job. Surely they have a better stud finder and more confidence.

I’m anxious to get the house “rentable”, and I’ve been saying that for weeks, although I do enjoy spending time there.

Tonight at the Pet Hostel, we have Waylon, Cooper, Smudge, Duke & Timber. They are all in the kennel building with the indoor-outdoor runs. It was been quite cold, so I shut the doggy doors for periods of time to keep everyone comfortable and prevent some heat loss. The dogs seem to LOVE the accommodation, and I wish I had built a bigger facility.

That was my day. Thanks for checking my blog.


~ Ann




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