Life and Pets

Well Hell’s Bells…

For the love of Pete. For the love of God … I think I threw my iPad mini in the fire this afternoon.

“HOW???” you might ask. If I had been fully cognizant, and not in a hurry and distracted, I probably would not have done it, and there would be no story here.

I had cared for dogs this morning and busied myself sanding some shelves for the kitchen in the little house.


I’ve got to say … I am so pleased with these shelves. I bought them from the estate sale of an acquaintance, and I remember the previous owner fondly. What did “poor old Louis” plan to do with those planks?

I enjoyed that work … first knocking off a layer of splintery crudeness with the belt sander, and then making the wood smoother with the palm sander. I remembered how to replace sheets of sandpaper, and my recent refresher pointers from Gary.

As the morning progressed, I started feeling quite shaky and realized that I hadn’t eaten (but had finished a pot of coffee). I wanted a can of wood stain from the little house downtown, so I thought this was the perfect excuse to treat myself to breakfast at the Beanery.

That was a neat “break”, and except for the part that I learned my old friend Dorothy has continued to badmouth me and spin the story about “giving away her dog”, I enjoyed visits with friends. While I was downtown, I got a call from the building inspector and we met at the house.

Our building inspector is a unique individual, and though not particularly intimidating, he requires some special handling. I hope that doesn’t sound riské.

It took some time to go through the inspection, and as he looked here and there, we chatted in pleasantries for the most part. I am not sure that it is really the building inspector’s job to remark on my tiling job, look into cupboards and the fridge (for heaven’s sake!), and ask certain questions such as how much the laundry pair cost. The visit was friendly enough, but I have to “decipher” what is official inspection business, and what is literally none of anyone’s business.

The little house passed the final inspection! Yippee! There were only a couple of little things that he would like to know will get done, and I promised that they would.

I’m sure you’re gnashing your teeth, wondering when I will explain how I managed to burn my beloved iPad, aren’t you? Be patient.

I came home, fed the horse, distributed cookies to all of the dogs, and then set about applying stain to the shelves. Oh! how I love the colour … it is a blend of “natural” and a little Ipswich Pine; not too red or dark, but a colour that will blend well with the warm tones of the cabinets  in the new kitchen. I came into the house and sat for awhile, answering emails and so on, and then put a coat of varathane on the wood. Maybe I inhaled.

I swept and puttered, and when that one coat of varathane seemed dry enough, I loaded the shelves up to move to the new kitchen. I was on a roll! I felt accomplished!

So I called the dogs in, and what happened after is just not that clear. I know that I shuffled some papers on the kitchen table, thinking there were too many magazines and flyers. Now, I am not supposed to burn any garbage in the wood heater, but I remember thinking that I believed I could just get rid of the flyers and maybe one little catalogue … I hadn’t stoked the fire and was in a hurry to get downtown and install those shelves!

And that, my friends, is what I think happened. This is how, I believe, I threw my iPad into the fire and carried on my merry way. It might all be an illusion; I have some slim hope that it is some other place that I might have absent-mindedly parked it.

But I’ve looked everywhere … where I changed my sweater, the bathroom, kennel building, the other house. If I discover it, YOU will be the first to know. If I discover the charred remains in the ashes of the fire box, I will confess and confirm. I am certain enough of my own carelessness that I have ordered a new iPad.


In the photo, the shelves don’t look quite as wonderful and stately as I claim, but I do love ’em. I guess more than anything, the design of this home is just not like any other.

The Pet Hostel continues to bring me joy on a daily basis. This includes our own pets, and I tell Smokey frequently that she is “the best cat ever”.


As most of you know, this is the kitty who curls up next to many of the dogs while they are being groomed, usually when the dogs (and me) are in the warm wind of the blow dryer. I’m not sure if Smokey is comforting the dog or enjoying the breeze, or vying for my attention. She evidently gets SOMETHING out of it.


Smokey & Squeaky


Chloe & Smokey


Baxter & Smokey




Who couldn’t be happy surrounded by these beautiful faces and souls?


Lootie discovers the guinea pig. I don’t have any illusion about this … the dog is a Cairn Terrier, a breed renowned for their “ratting” ability! The cool thing is that Taffy the piggie is unafraid, even oblivious.

We had some awful news yesterday … our friends lost their wee dog who brought everyone so much joy. I’ve been thinking of the family all day, and so has Gary. “Murphy” touched many lives, first as a treasured and pampered house dog belonging to Sharon’s mother. After Sharon’s mom died, the dog came to live on the farm at Dunster where he not only was prince of the household, but a fierce protector of the farm, even chasing grizzly bears!  R.I.P little Murphy… I have more tears to shed for you.


It’s getting late and I’m so tired. Will tuck the dogs in for the night (when it is cold, I shut the doggie doors in the kennel building to preserve heat).

Hope you are all well and happy, or at least maintaining and coping. I love you for reading my blog and hope you don’t mind that it’s so bloody long this time.

I’ll leave you with these photos. Our beautiful granddaughter Juno, now five months old.








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