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Stew for breakfast …

Gary has left for his first “ski day” of the winter. I’m happy for him, I miss him before he is out of the driveway, but I cannot help myself: “What will the mouse do while the cat’s away?”.


My hubby would never tell me what or when to eat. But my idea of being a rebel while he is not around might include an unusual breakfast … say, the last of last night’s stew, eaten right out of the plastic storage container. When Gary’s home, it is my pleasure to serve eggs, sometimes with chorizo, ham or bacon, sometimes with homemade hashbrowns, or french toast or the like. Y’know … typical and proper breakfast foods.

Often when he’s away, I think, “Now, how am I going to eat all this food?”. I handle leftovers safely, but there is usually a selection in the fridge, so it is simply frugal and efficient to finish these  up.

Other than eating “outside the box”, I try to accomplish some great thing while Gary’s away and I can plan cheese & crackers for supper. I told my first husband, so very long ago, that life with me should be fun and great, as you never know what to expect on any day … and his response was, “Yeah, but I HATE surprises.”

As I get older, I accomplish only smaller things, and try not to start anything I will end up needing help with (though Gary doesn’t seem to mind surprises or helping). Oh, sure, I go around buying properties and I plan trips to Kentucky Derbies and such, which could perhaps be considered rather big surprises, but those are other stories … and usually end up being quite positive.

Nowadays, I am more satisfied with finishing what I’ve started, whether or not my beloved sidekick is around. There are so many projects in my mind (or started!) that I sometimes have trouble deciding what to do … hence I am finishing a pot of coffee and chatting with YOU!

Here is the project I completed last night. I’m thrilled, and I had Shelly’s help in choosing an inexpensive glass tile from the Habitat For Humanity Restore in Calgary, and Gary’s input on the pattern of this kitchen backsplash:


Last year, when Shelly texted me a photo of the aqua tiles, I replied, “I don’t know yet how I’ll use them, but please bring two boxes.”. Eventually, I carried one little aqua tile with me everywhere, and based the rest of the decor of the little house (cabinets, counter top, paint) on THAT. I loved the colour that much.

When I finished replacing the outlet covers, I looked at the clock … 4:15 pm.. Since there was stew in the slow cooker at home, I thought, “Oh, I have time…”, and put other tiles (only two square feet, also obtained by Shelly on my behalf) at the back of the sink in the utility room. I will add grout some time soon. I had the tile saw set up, courage up also, and it was not difficult to cut through all this glass and stone (and aluminum, in the kitchen accent tiles).


I only have a few dogs boarding at the moment: Wally & Clemina, Pixie and Ghost. They might all be gone home by tonight, but am expecting a couple of others.

We have had quite a snowfall! One of my potential jobs might be to plough the driveway, and Gary plugged the tractor in this morning. However, this might be one task I can put off: the driveway, after all, is still passable.


Isn’t ploughing the driveway while it’s still snowing just like cleaning the house while the children are still small?    *wink*

I think I am going to make another pot of coffee, decaf this time, and ponder what thing to accomplish today.

Love you for visiting my blog!

~ Ann





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