Life and Pets

Back in groove …

Every day in a pet business is bound to be different, but still, I feel like I’m getting back to routine.

Only have Ghost and Bailey boarding, but I’ve learned never to panic during a “slow” time … it always picks up again.

After breakfast with Gary, I got a phonecall that the “replacement” sofa was in at Sears! This is the new couch to replace the first one I received with its broken leg. I dreaded having to lift my share of this heavy sofabed, but a friend Reuben helped at the one end of the very short trip. Then I helped unload it, but somehow Gary still did most of the work. Then we loaded the “old” one into the truck and will send that one back.

I exclaimed to my husband … if THIS one has a broken leg, I will rob one off the old sofa. I would not want to do this again. The new sofabed is just what I wanted for the space:


There is now a small television at the house, and Internet connection, so I put on a movie while I worked there this afternoon.

While I was in California, Gary assembled the twin bed frames and beds for the “spare” bedroom:


Things are taking shape, right? Countertop for the kitchen arrives on Thursday, and then I can make a backsplash and mount some open shelving. The plumber, Rod, will come back to install the faucet in the kitchen, and attach the faucet handles and shower heads in the bathroom. I have a feeling that we could do that ourselves, but I would like him to do the work while he’s there anyway.

All I really did was putter at the little house today, but I’m trying to make way for the washer and dryer in the utility room… clear out my tools and anything unnecessary for daily living of vacationers or professionals working in our town! I’m getting impatient to make the house habitable.

I groomed little Snickers today. He was a good boy for all clipping and bathing. He’s an intact male, so I can always count on a little extra cleanup when he’s in a kennel, even an indoor-outdoor one: he marks constantly when he’s in a “new” space.


I was asked to shampoo Tilly at my earliest convenience, as the big girl had rolled in something. I fit her into my morning work, and as I’ve learned in the trade, scrubbing her collar was key to making her smell good again. After she was bathed and blown dry, you could bury your face in her coat anywhere (I always WANT to!).


Thanks for reading my blog!



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