Life and Pets

Settling back in …

This morning we were back to the normal Sunday morning tradition of breakfast in town with our friends. It was great to visit with them again … it seemed longer than 2 weeks since I was there!

I groomed this little guy in the afternoon: he’s still a puppy but has always been very cooperative. I always smile when owners report that their dog won’t sit still for the blow dryer or bath, or is impossible for nails. It’s almost like the animals and I are complicit in a plan to keep me working (or to spend some time together), as most are very cooperative for me.




Shadow “comforted” by Smokey

Yesterday I clipped and shampooed Gracie:


Gracie “comforted” by Smokey

This is a pace I can take … just one small dog per day. At least for now, I am not feeling too pushed or weary. Well, maybe a little weary. This evening, I watched the movie on Netflix, ‘Despicable Me 2’, and then I snored through most of the very first episode of ‘Sherlock’, starring Benedict Cumberbach.

I have at least one dog to groom on each of the next two days, but I need to budget some time to tidy and organize the new little house. The sooner it is habitable the better, and yet there seems to be plenty of delays still. I am wondering where the cheques are for the Line of Credit I was approved for … I hate for one of the delays to be that of PAYING people!

We have snow on the ground now. It is wet, heavy snow which could disappear, but we know that winter is here.

Take care, everyone.



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