Life and Pets

Too late smart …

It’s not the end of the world, but I had a revelation last night that could have saved me money.

For well over a year, I have scoffed silently or aloud at the ads on television for “eBates”.  Young mothers proclaim, “I get ‘PAYEED’ to SHOPP!” (Hard to translate the inflexion into type). One wife expounds, “I find all my basic necessities all the way up to ‘high end shopping’! . And a husband sits nodding his approval while his wife claims to have “made” $900 this month. 

I was, and still am, sceptical. But it came to me last night that I could have been rebated as much as 4% on some thousands of dollars that I have spent this year, at, eBay, and other sites, on items for the new house. 

One is supposed to click on the eBates link before shopping at any of their “partners”. This is very easy to do. I still have a shred of scepticism: I have a hunch that online, some bargains are “targeted” through the power of Internet cookies. What one is searching for might magically be on sale at a huge discount or for just one day. Those magical “hooks” have often worked on me, making me think I’m a shopping diva. Or almost a genius. *wink*

But I have to let the tail go with the hide. There’s no way to save more money on the purchases already made.

Today the weather is gloomy and wet. The folks in drought ravaged California could really use some rain, and at this time, we don’t need the extra moisture. Gary is worried about the garlic bulbs in the soggy ground, but the harvest always seems phenomenal when the time comes. 

After my trip to visit Susan et al in Camarillo, I am slowly getting myself sorted out. I forgot to stoke the wood heater for the night, but Gary didn’t chastise me. It was just last Saturday I was at Shay’s, and she made a beautiful breakfast sandwich with side of fresh fruit … the whole visit was a wonderful gift.  

Of course, the high point of the journey and the adventure was finding Susan looking so well. I’m glad she appreciated our birthday surprise!

Now I’m rambling and repeating myself. I have a little grooming scheduled for the day. There are just a few dogs boarding: Axel, Baxter, Ajax and Bailey. Gary has worked very hard to refresh all the outdoor kennels… he has filled in some doggy excavations and added fresh wood shavings, also bedding in the dog houses. The next busy season and “onslaught” will be the Christmas season. I’m ready; I’ve even had a holiday. 

Will say goodbye and wish you a good day. I’m motivated to clean house and throw out junk, because of the tidy houses I visited during my vacation… yes, I know you’ve heard this before. 

Love, Ann 

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