Life and Pets

Home Sweet Home …

I LOVE home. I loved my vacation in southern California, but I am truly happy to live where I do.

I flew down to Los Angeles to celebrate Susan’s 35th birthday. I was late for the actual birth date, but I managed to travel there to surprise her, thanks to Su’s partner’s stepmom. This was something that Shay wanted to do as a present to Susan.

What a marvelous trip and break it was! The journey to Calgary was uneventful, flight to California pleasant, and other connections (“the bus to Van Nuys” … it’s a ‘thing’!) flawless. Shay was the perfect hostess and new friend. Seeing Susan and surprising her was wonderful, and getting to know Laine and also his mother Doris was great.


Left to right: Laine, Doris, Susan, me, Shay

The following is the link to the video that Laine made on the night of Susan’s big surprise:

Hope this link works for you all.


Gary took me out for dinner to the local pub tonight. I’m sure he knew I was weary and that I was wondering what to cook. We went early, yet it feels like 9 p.m..


I had wonderful visits with Kim in Calgary on the way to the U.S. and en route to home. We talked and drank wine, and she managed somehow to work on school work at the same time. Kim is finishing up her Masters of Science degree and defends her thesis in December.

What else can I tell you? There could be so much, but I’m feeling rather numb, with mind gone to mush. I’ll see if some other photos will load.


View from the plane, leaving southern California. I did not have a window seat, but asked a 10 year old boy to take pictures.

IMG_5630 IMG_5637  IMG_5638

Me, Susan, and my lunch at Waypoint. Waypoint is a smallish and very nice restaurant at the Camarillo airport, where Laine’s father used to keep his planes.


Surfer’s Point


View from Laine and Susan’s house at sunset.

Here are pictures from the last leg of my journey, the road home, just today. This is along the Banff-Jasper Parkway, of course:

Two patriarchs “square off” at the side of the highway.

Another big daddy sheep with his ladies, further on, and right on the centre line.

A raven at “Parker Ridge”. At this rest area, I am often visited by one or more of these birds, as large as house cats, and I am convinced that they are the same creatures year in and year out. Although I’m not too sentimental about ravens, I try to have something for them to eat.

Another cold-and-desolate looking stretch of a beloved road.

IMG_5681 IMG_5679 IMG_5674 IMG_5663

It was a really nice holiday, but now I have to catch up on work … there are dogs to groom! The new little house is also in need of finishing, and I actually WANT to make time for housework (cleaning, getting rid of stuff, etc.). I think I am landed and grounded for the winter!

Take care, everyone. I’m too dozy to write more tonight.

Love, Ann

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