Life and Pets

Pretty hard to handle, eh?


Susan and I in front of Surfer’s Point

Between the beach and Channel Islands, where Shay’s husband’s (Laine’s father’s) ashes were ceremoniously scattered from a Cessna a few months ago. 


Today, Laine and Susan picked me up from Shay’s, and we ran a couple of errands before stopping for a delicious lunch in Somas. Here was a groceteria and restaurant where locals eat, and the food was yummy: hard tacos, lengua burrito and adobada burrito, beautiful salsas and pico de gallo. Oh and cervesa (ice cold Corona). 

Now we’re relaxing at or working at computers or iPads in each other’s company. The breeze is so pleasant, as is the chirping of birds, and (I can’t get over this) there are few bugs. I mean… almost none. 

Laine is about to make me a lovely Bloody Mary now, so I might sign off for the day. I wouldn’t want to  blog inebriated.  


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