Life and Pets

OK in CA …

Most of you know that I’m in California at the moment. For the occasion of Susan’s 35th birthday, one of her “mothers in law”, Susan’s partner’s stepmom, has sponsored me for a visit. 

I have had a most pleasant time. I’ve enjoyed time with Susan and Laine, Shay and Doris. We’ve wined and dined, shopped in thrift stores and found a large Farmer’s Market. We took a walk along the shore of the Pacifac, and out the Ventura Pier.

The weather has been marvelous: cool in the mornings by Southern California standards, and up to 90 in the afternoon. Pretty easy to handle!

I’m afraid that the lack of precipitation which makes my time here so nice speaks of a long and dreadful drought. In greater Los Angeles, millions of trees are dead or dying, making them susceptible to beetle infestations. In Camarillo, where we are, it is bad too. 

Susan and I made a plan for this afternoon to simply sit on her patio and drink. Might be mineral water, or later, something stronger. I’m so looking forward to that, and had also enjoyed getting to know Laine better, and his mother Doris and stepmom, Shay. 

The view from Susan’s and Laine’s home is amazing. The house is in town, but views of the mountains are enjoyed out the back. They can drive (or motorbike) to canyons and other locations for hiking. They have a lot in common and are mapping out a life together. 

We surprised Susan with my visit, and everyone SO enjoyed the fun. I will try to post what video I have of the Thursday evening event. 

I should be enjoying the time away from home and work more than I have. I miss Gary dreadfully, even though the vacation is relatively short. Nobody would want me to feel this way, but I am convinced I’m a bit of a “management” challenge, “What are we going to do with Ann/Mom?”. I have been feeling a bit weary and didn’t bring great walking shoes, so I haven’t suggested, or been anxious to, hike or walk too far. I certainly didn’t think of visiting any amusement park (the Farmer’s Market and a small art gallery were great!). I’ve had nothing but a lame answer when I asked, “What do you want to do?”.

I feel lumpish … overweight, homely, poorly dressed. Why can’t I get my sh*t together? At home in McBride, I feel like I have plenty of groove and moxie. In greater civilization, I am awkward and am convinced I’m inferior. All I can  do is pretend I am “as good as” others  and listen to others better, and buy dinner. Let them like me if they will, and not fret.

Now it’s time to go visit with Su. Will try to get back with pictures. 



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