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End of a longish day …

For some reason today seemed frustrating, or maybe it was just a few moments at the end of the day. I was trying to get some things done which involved a little technology … on hold on the phone, trying unsuccessfully to send a text message on the cell phone (unrelated, but at the same time), and likewise, not able to get pages to load on the computer: the Internet service was quirky. I was anxious about an expected email. I admit that I was trying to do too many things at once.

I hung up the phone instead of waiting longer. I phoned an alternate number to register a complaint with Sears about the sofa, and got an automatic message that the number had changed, and for a “one time fee of $3.50”, I could learn the new number. DAFUQ is THAT about? I’ve never been treated so shabbily by an answering machine. lol … joking.

After awhile the first associate that I had talked to from Sears phoned back and again offered to transfer me to the Customer Service representative … and put me back on hold! This time, however, I eventually reached someone who wanted to help with the issue of the sofa arriving with a smashed leg. So, Sears will send a whole new sofabed, and that is what Gary says I should want, but it would be so much easier if they sent a new LEG … and maybe offered a little refund, like $50, for our trouble.

A tear rolled down my cheek. I don’t know why these small things were troubling me so. I phoned Gary, and of course he consoled me. He phoned again later, too, and I had calmed myself further by finishing a painting I’d made for the new house. Why?

Months ago, I bought a movie poster on canvas and had always intended to try to paint something. This morning, in about 10 minutes, I covered the item with “gesso” (a medium which seals a surface), and after I groomed two dogs, I painted primer over that. All of this took no time to dry with my big grooming dryer pointed at it!

Then this afternoon and evening, I went “wild” with everything from house paint to old craft paints to good acrylics. Since I have no experience painting a picture, my goal was to do something FAST, using materials at hand. I have no patience or intention to paint a hundred pictures to finally achieve one that I like. I actually like this one. I’m very sensitive, so I’m going to say that I don’t care if anyone else likes it. That’s a lie. No matter what, it will “break up” an expanse of wall at the new house, and I didn’t spend a total of even $12, so it’s cheaper than a JYSK or a Walmart print. Even if it looks like one! (Click on it, if you want to critique it bigger)


A text from Gary has made me laugh and smile so much. Here he is with his little “mini-me”. The costume speaks of Beth’s brilliance, but then we knew about that before. She told me once that she rarely misses a chance to put people in costume!


Here is a photo of one of the two dogs I groomed today. I was not frustrated by either of the dogs or their owners. They all made my day nice. If you’re wondering why this pomeranian has painter’s tape on his ears, it is because I am instructed not to trim the black tips, and they have, at least once, been caught in the clipper blade, as the rest of Tigger is supposed to be short all over. I have never injured him, of course, but those long wispy pieces do get in the way at times.


My first customer came at 6:45 am. to drop off their dog for boarding. I was up, and they said they were sorry for being early, but it was just fine. Trouble was, I had slept fitfully and so I’ve felt tired today.

I will say goodnight.

Take care of yourselves, don’t take everything so seriously, take care of each other.



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