Life and Pets

One for the blog …

This evening I thought I’d treat myself to Chinese food to take home, as I had already spent too much time in town. I ordered, and ask for a beer while I waited. I sat at a table and visited briefly with Gary by text, and then the restaurant owner strolled over to chat. Raymond was amused that I was taking a selfie at the table:


Oh dear, I’m so homely. But that’s not the funny part. While I was distracted by my visit with Raymond, I sent the picture not to Gary, but the friend I last texted to. This friend was in an important but boring meeting, and she almost laughed out loud at the pic and my caption, “Does this Tsingtao make my face look fat?”.

This afternoon I sold the loveseat and chair which I couldn’t get used to. The sweet couple who bought them was concerned that they smelled a tiny bit like cigarette smoke and perhaps faintly of cats. I had thoroughly wiped the items, but agreed that that is what the folks could be detecting. I explained as politely as possible that they could take the furniture or not take the furniture, but if it ended up unsuitable, they could resell it on Facebook as I had.  Fair enough?

This is what arrived from Sears and it is much more suitable for the small living room:



I’m satisfied with the product, although it arrived with a back foot smashed, so I will see about getting that replaced.

Groomed a little dog today. Patchy has a neurological disorder of some kind: his back half wobbles and he is incontinent both ways. Even so, he seems to not be suffering, seems fat and happy.


The Pet Hostel only has two guests right now, but this will change tomorrow, and I’ll have a couple dogs to groom. We have Woezel, and Shadow P.  for a few more days.

I find it hard to make time to spend at the new house, but it is getting quite close to “habitable”. When the counter top arrives and is installed, then the kitchen faucet and dishwasher can be hooked up, and the shower stall made serviceable. The laundry pair can come over at any time (any time I get some of my “stuff”, tools and sundry, out of the way.)

After the nice couple left with the loveseat and chair, and I returned a phone call from a friend, there came a knock at the door of the new house, where I was preparing to do a little work. There stood an acquaintance who had vowed to come for a tour of the home, with her small, energetic, unneutered male dog. The pet was on a leash, but I watched him nervously the entire time, so sure I was that he would lift his leg to mark the new territory. If he had done so, I would have lost my cool … it would have either been the brand new couch that I had just taken the plastic off, or the walls with the new paint. Instead, after the five minute tour which turned into half a (distracted) hour, the old guy dog looked me right in the eye and dragged his butt along the floor. He didn’t leave a streak, but even I, an inveterate dog lover, cringed.

I made a comment, and the doggy owner said, “Oh, yes, he does forget his manners …” . Geesh.

After that visit, I had very little time left before my hair appointment, and I stopped in to see Linda and Rose (along with their three dogs and cat), who live directly across from the Hair Shoppe. The two were in good spirits and I enjoyed the brief stop.

So that’s the minutiae of my day, besides the care of the horse and some other running around.

Hope you are all well.

Love, Ann

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