Life and Pets

This ‘n’ that…

I’m tired after watching our federal election. Right at the moment, Harper is giving a proper statesmanlike speech.

Now give the kid a chance … that’s my thought. Trudeau might do very well.

It has been a lovely day of routine, small successes and visiting. I filled the box of the truck with things for the local “swap shed”, some items to store at the new house or to sell from that location, and a little garbage.

I didn’t load one thing properly, a vintage medicine cabinet, and it broke and became garbage. I heard my stepmother’s voice, “You NEVER take care of ANYTHING properly, and you never will!”. The item was not a family heirloom, in fact I had bought it for a small or tiny house project in the future, then decided it wasn’t my style. I wasted it, I broke it and felt chastised though nobody would have known or cared. I still say a silent, “Sorry Myrtle.”

I made a “house number” board. I’m still not sure about where I placed it… I thought I was going to put it on the outer face of the porch, then I thought that the porch light might make the number more visible at night. It will matter when renters are trying to locate the house. Beyond that, it seems ceremonious, though there are other final touches needed still, on this little home.


Earlier today, I visited and said hello to Caylen, who was installing the cabinet pulls and knobs, and replace a drawe bank that had arrived broken. Now the kitchen is ready for counter top, backsplash and open shelving  Caylen asked when I was going to start on the next house!


Spent a little time at home, visiting with beloved doggy guests and organizing stuff again. Then I had a lunch date with two friends and went back to the new house for a couple of hours. I returned home to meet a customer who said she was dropping off a dog at 4:30, but she meant at that time… on Wednesday!

I got a call from Sears that my sofa bed is in! I rounded up some help for tomorrow morning. The sofa is for the new house, and I hope I chose well. I think I made a mistake buying the loveseat and chair and might try to resell these. There’s nothing wrong with them; I am just getting the sense of crowding in that small living room, and when I add the sofa, I’m sure I will have to move them out. It’s a shame… they are comfy, and apart from a very few cat scratches, in great, clean condition.


This is a picture of the “garden door” which now sports a removable “film”: a patterned sheet that offers privacy and a bit of artistry. The nice people who live across the lane say that it is pretty from their point of view, pardon the double entendre. It looks nicer “in person”.


Here, just for fun, is a picture of our Smokey. she is fond of lying on a sort of “hammock” of her own choosing: I have a small kennel 4′ by 4′, that I covered with some deer fencing mesh and a large comforter, securing the edges so as to make any dog or cat feel safer and to prevent escape.


When I raised up my iPhone to take the picture, my darling cat immediately got up to stretch and stroll across her hanging bed to greet me. It would have been a better shot if I had been quicker and steadier.

That’s all for tonight. Take care, my friends.

Love, Ann

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