Life and Pets

Goodnight to all …

It’s late and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Have been meaning to say “hello” but keep getting sidetracked.

Gary has gone to his farrier’s conference; I miss him but I manage. After the weekend, he will enjoy another visit with our grand daughter and her family in Nelson. To us, Juno is the most beautiful being since our own children were born.


Besides getting through the few daily chores, I have mostly been “puttering”. I’m trying to “corral” stuff … give away or sell or discard what I don’t use or treasure. It’s a constant concern, and when the possessions build up around me, there is a feeling of being smothered, oppressed and stressed. Yet, it is so difficult to get rid of things: they either have, or SHOULD have, sentimental value, or might save money or time later. Hoarders can always justify keeping “stuff”. I want to deny being a hoarder, but I have overheard my husband refer to me as “a bit of a hoarder”.

It makes no sense to stash so many things that you can’t find what you need. I like to organize tools and craft supplies but there is too much of everything. There was a time when I walked away from much of what I owned and didn’t miss a lot of it … now I have collections again. Amazing how it builds up.

Sorry, I’m just rambling. I have made a few trips to the little house this week. I’m tired of the finishing work and want the place to be ready to rent. We’re waiting for some tweaking of the kitchen cabinets, and the countertop. Gary and I will install the laundry pair soon, and I’m waiting for a sofa and twin beds to come from Sears. I hung a couple of pictures at the house this week, and I want to be careful to keep things uncluttered.

I bought a love seat and matching chair from a young man in town, and I’m not sure I like it in that house. They are just not the right style of furniture at all, but I can resell them later. So far, I’m unsatisfied with the black curtains and the black furniture, so that needs some rethinking. In general I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new home.

Yesterday I added a shelf to the closet in the spare bedroom. It’s not a big deal at all, but I did struggle with it. What I think should be a twenty minute job always takes hours.


I love the way that the LED light in the closet casts a pattern through the wire rack. it was my Shelly’s genius to suggest using a wire rack instead of a solid shelf … and guess what I had in my collection? a perfectly good one just needing to be cut to fit the space.

During the last few days, I haven’t been able to get a song out of my mind. I keep thinking about the loss of loved ones and though I’m hale and hearty, I even think about my own “send off” that MY loved ones might plan for me. I told a friend about this song and my thoughts about making a “song list” (of suggestions) for my own funeral, and he was astounded. He said, “I can honestly say that I have never ONCE thought about what should be done or played for my funeral!”.

I listen to this young woman sing, and I cry, thinking of Mom, Dad, Myrtle, other relatives and friends who have gone on before us. And though I am unsure of my vision of heaven (or hell, or any deity), I really “get into” the song “Dancing In The Sky” and actually purchased it from iTunes.
‘Dancing In The Sky’ on YouTube

Now I really will say goodnight. See you in the daylight. XXX

~ Ann

Just one of my treasured doggy friends who cheer me:



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