Life and Pets

Bravado out the window …

I’ll be alright, but the first part of my journey back from Prince George was a bit unnerving.


I left Costco with two bed sets … a double (“full”) and a queen. Therefore, I had two mattresses and two box springs. When I picked them up in the loading bay, I did my part in lifting them into the truck box, and accepted the method that the young man chose. I wasn’t sure if it was best to put the items on edge, or simply in a stack.

The fellow asked if I had a rope and I said that I had several rachet tie-downs. That is what he used … ratchet straps. He seemed to know what he was doing and I thanked him for his help.

After a quick look through “The Brick” furniture warehouse (not as if I could tie a sofa on top of the load!), and an even quicker stop at Subway, I was good and ready to head for home. I inspected the tie-downs and thought they were fine.

About a mile out of the city, just as I picked up speed, the wind caught the top mattress and bent it back, loosening it under the strap. I signaled and pulled over in one smooth move, and when I looked, I saw that the rigid wire on the edge of the top box spring was damaged in both places that the tiedowns had gone over it. OH NO…

I fastened the mattresses down and crept up to a side road so that I could safely remedy the problem. I think that there is no hope for the box spring, but I realize that the customer must have full responsibility for “securing a load”. I felt so discouraged, but still had to figure out what to do. If I chose to spend the night in Prince George, I would still have to tie the stack properly. I knew I couldn’t reach into the bed of the truck box far enough to secure more hooks and ratchet tie downs.

What to do? WHAT TO DO? Crying was not going to help. I thought perhaps the first step would be to turn the stupid box spring over so that there was a rigid wooden edge to tighten straps against, realizing that there’d be a chance that the wood would break as easily as the “spring” edge bent. I must have looked hilarious … a chubby sixty-year-old woman at the side of the road, unloading a mattress.

So I flipped the box spring over, and then I had to find a way to attach tie downs, ropes or anything to those hooks in the bottom of the truck. Remember how I said that I couldn’t reach them? All I had with me that I could possibly stand on was … my cooler full of chorizo, cream cheese and butter! I had to rearrange the very full back seat of the truck in order to access and remove the cooler. That worked very well, though I did hear it crack as I stood upon in.

About seven vehicles turned the corner to reach their acreages in that neck-of-the-woods. I found it odd that not one person rolled down a window and asked if they could help me, but then, I was embarrassed and quite grim in my problem-solving mode. I got the job done anyway.

Shaking and exhausted, I eventually was on my way again. I pondered whether BCAA (motor association) ever had a request to come out to help secure a load. Then a small moth in the cab of my truck flew right into my face, and I just about lost my cool altogether!

Just when a person starts thinking they are sort of smart and a wee bit competent, we have a humbling experience. I nervously watched the truck’s load for the rest of the trip, at least until it was too dark to see it. Truth is, MY securing of the load worked better than the Costco employee’s, but I’m not smug … my bravado vanished and I probably have wasted a box spring.

Now I’m home and fully recovered, except for telling you the anecdote.

I had an appointment with a banker (a truly lovely person!. Almost a year after applying for a Line of Credit in order to build a house, they have deemed me worthy. It is my own fault that it took a long time.  I’m happy to have it: although the home is almost completed, with the worst of the cost taken care of, I can transfer some of the higher-interest credit card advances to this lower interest line of credit. Then, I must keep my nose to the grindstone if I want to replenish our savings and pay for this project.

I’m almost finished grouting the big shower stall … only 40 square feet left of the 144 sq. ft. tiled area.. We are waiting for the Corian countertop, and a small bank of drawers for the cabinets to replace one that was shipped damaged. Much of the rest of the work is decoration. I feel tired. I have loved the process from conception through design and the construction, but it has gone on long enough.

The Pet Hostel will be busy this weekend. I was actually approached in Prince George when someone saw the signs on my truck, but I said that we were booked up for the Thanksgiving weekend. We might very well be full … but I was almost late for my appointment at the bank, and I was loading mattresses! I handed my card to the prospective customer, and that is really all I had time for.

Sorry I don’t have any new pictures to show you. Perhaps I can take care of that over the weekend.

I’m so happy to know that one of my darling daughters will be here for Thanksgiving.



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