Life and Pets

Patience …

My mom used to quip,

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can… seldom found in women, and never found in man.”

I love that quote, although I am married to a fellow who possesses a fair share of patience. I’m not entirely gifted, myself, but today I stuck with a couple of tasks just slowly and carefully and got through them without mistakes. As I said in a previous post, it’s a good thing I’m not paid by the hour.

I put closet rods up in both bedrooms of the little new house. I had a vision of what the closet in the master bedroom would look like, and I effected that quite well. I used a “Library” aka bookshelf purchased through Sears to custom-fit the storage/hanging area:


The patience required today was, in part, to put the bookshelf together. It is a “Sauder” brand thingy, and all predrilled accurately and cut out precisely. I sat on the floor and drank coffee and step-by-step got the item “built”. All prefinished.

I did very little else this morning, but took myself out for a sandwich and I visited with friends at the Beanery. I went to the final incarnation of Louis’ Estate Sale, which was hosted by our friend Nancy, who now owns the property, and Louis’ family.

It was difficult to get back to work after that break, so I only installed this plain rod in the smaller bedroom’s closet.

I am aware that the closet rod looks bowed in the picture, but you must take my word for it … it is straight, and LEVEL.


A keen observer might realize that the rods are not actually hung at a wheelchair-friendly height. I installed them at a normal height, thinking that if a person needs a rod that is lower, it is easy enough to add an “extension”. We’ll figure it out as we go.

This morning provided a small shock to my psyche. When I got to the house, I set about cleaning windows, and discovered that both the front (living room) windows appeared cracked! I felt ill; I felt like crying. I didn’t take a photo.

I texted Ray, the builder, to ask his advice. I told him that the small cracks were something I could live with, but that it seemed like such a shame, and wondered if an insurance claim was in order, or if I would perhaps need one later and have to document the damage. Ray texted back that he was on his way to town and would stop in.

When Ray and three of his four sons arrived, I showed him the “cracks”, and he said that he thought that they were just threads of silicone on the glass. Neither of us could pick off any material, and they felt like cracks under one’s fingernail. I had a razor blade handy, and you can guess the punchline: these were indeed threads of silicone from the window construction. The offending flaws simply came right off! What a huge relief. Live and learn. Ray said that he had had this scary experience before and had told his boys as they drove that he hoped that was the answer.

Other than the care of the doggies, I did very little else today! It was a slow start … bacon and eggs and ‘The Rifleman’ for more than an hour after I arose. Had a lovely visit with a friend at the end of the afternoon, and now I’ll put the final touches on supper and “call it a day”.

Love, Ann

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