Life and Pets

Love my job!

Goodness, I love my career. I wasn’t overworked today by any means, but groomed two of the nicest of dogs, and saw some long-time friends and new friends.

This is Carlene (unless the spelling is Carleen … I forgot to clarify).


Carlene was so patient and sweet; I told her owner that the dog didn’t so much as give me (or my comb) a dirty look during the whole session. When I rinsed her with a super-whitening rinse, the “blue” seemed to stick to the little pet’s coat, so I shampooed her all over again. As I dried Carlene, I noticed that she still had a faint blue tinge, but I didn’t have the heart to suds her up a THIRD time!

I raised a few miniature American Eskimo Dogs in the nineties, and the adults which I kept all had beautiful temperaments. I have met a few “Eskies” which have a nasty streak, or are simply shy and touchy, so I groom them with caution and try not to get my face in their faces.

One of my last darling American Eskimo babies:


I also clipped and bathed Ginger today. You’ve met her before:


Early in the week, I was asked to board a pit bull named “Henry”. His owner believed that Henry is a pit bull cross, but I told the young man that the dog was as good a pit bull as any I’ve seen. I don’t know everything, I said, but I have some experience. Henry was completely obedient, he ate well and barely made a sound.


Boarding at the Pet Hostel are Timber & Jasper, Sadie & Nellie, Ruger & Emerson. That’s it!

I didn’t make it over to the little house today, but I hope to put some time in tomorrow.

Love, Ann

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